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Blueberry Delight quilt pattern

This Blueberry Delight quilt looks as tasty as a jar of blueberry jam! 🫐 I can already picture the vibrant colors of the fabric prints popping on the white background. This pattern combines geometric blocks in such a creative way. 🎨 The rectangles inside crosses made of squares and triangles bring a charming flair.  And it’s not just because of the little blueberry that it’s called Delight! 😉 It’s due to the blue tones of the prints, which despite being different, blend together into a blueberry color palette. After all, blue’s purpose is to bring that sense of calm. 💙

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Blueberry Delight quilt pattern

Blueberry Delight quilt pattern
Blueberry Delight quilt pattern by Designed by Julia Dunn

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Blueberry Delight quilt pattern is pieced bed-size quilt looks more complex than it is; the traditional look is achieved with modern methods. Plus, it’s the perfect project to use up your scraps. This e-pattern was originally published in the August 2011 issue of Quilter’s World magazine with Designed by Julia Dunn and can be considered as easy to do. With sizes to about Size: 84″ x 96″. Block Size: 12″ x 12″. or in centimeters is in the Size measures: 213.36cm x 243.84cm. Block Size: 30.48cm x 30.48cm.

Blueberry Delight quilt pattern is all about using different blocks made in different geometries as well. The combination of well made rectangles inside a “cross” made with squares and triangles (pyramid shape) are the charm of this pattern.

As the name says it is not due to the blueberry fruit (a delight by the way) but by the almost equal colors in the blue prints on the fabrics, yes the prints are different, but it always leads to blue, after all this is the purpose of blue. So

What caught my attention was the issue of blue stands out in the “white background” so to speak, which left the charm of the pattern that characterized more tranquility in the room added to the pillows and cushions on the bed.

This same pattern you can combine it with different fabrics or different prints to leave so to speak, the color you want, which and particularly I will start doing next week being red floral print fabrics, however, delicate and soft prints and small, of course if I find the prints where I have the habit of buying as for example in jordanfabrics.com or the many others that I have already mentioned here on our site.

I really want to make this pattern for my room and I think it will be very welcome to decorate it for Christmas week. I want to bring life and joy to the room at the same time that when this date arrives my house is full of family members.

I don’t really know if it will work, but I’m thinking of doing the same project (this pattern) smaller to work on my glass table in the kitchen, I think it will be very nice to combine with a set of dishes that I have stored.

Blue is a color that brings tranquility to environments. To create a base and be able to play with different shades of blue, use white. The rooms will gain an air of calmness and coziness. Besides being an elegant combination, the two colors never go out of style.

Bet on different prints, especially stripes, in similar shades to form layers. They add sophistication to your pattern. Here you can use this pattern to make pillows, cushions, comforters, and headboards. Another tip for using it in a room with blue and white decoration is to add dots of black. Think and imagine!

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