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Christmas Crazy Quilt Patterns Free

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Christmas Crazy Quilt Patterns is a beautiful blanket that you can make for your home on Christmas Day and make your decor even more beautiful, of course you need to combine the colors and make everything right and in the way best suited to your taste.

Christmas Crazy Quilt Patterns

Christmas Crazy Quilt Patterns
Christmas Crazy Quilt Patterns

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Christmas Crazy Quilt Patterns is not just a common blanket, but a very beautiful pattern that has its edges only one color in the reddish case, which leaves the colors highlighted throughout the pattern. Have you seen the history of Crazy Quilt Patterns?

Crazy quilts, which had their heyday in the late 1800s, celebrated an age of progress. Today, thanks to a focus on personalization and embellishments, crazy quilting is surging in popularity. SEE ALSO: Quilt Ribbon Candy

The word “crazy” conjures many meanings—erratic, jumbled, insane, bizarre—which at first makes sense when looking at the random patches of a late 1800s crazy quilt. Irregular shapes, haphazard fabrics, and meticulous embroidery compose these beautifully busy works.

In truth, crazy quilts are far from erratic. These one-of-a-kind treasures are intentional statements reflecting a turning point in American history. Historians are not sure of crazy quilts’ precise beginnings, but they do agree that their popularity soared in the last quarter of the 1800s, becoming icons of the Victorian era.

A Time for Fancywork

As men headed out to politics and business, women’s job was in the home, maintaining it as a place of peace and shelter. An elegant tasteful dwelling, they believed, was both visually and spiritually good for those who lived there.

A growing number of magazines and books influenced elaborate home decorating trends, engaging women in what became known as “fancywork.” Women garnished almost every home accessory with beads, feathers, flowers, and lace that reflected their sense of beauty and artistry—and which naturally included their quilts.

At the same time, industrialization spurred an onslaught of inventions—the steam engine, telephone, typewriter, and electricity—contributing to a growing textile industry. The mass production of sewing machines and manufacture of silk in America widened interest beyond cotton and wool. Women also were influenced by England’s Queen Victoria, who in mourning the death of her husband Prince Albert, perpetuated fashion trends in rich, dark colors and elaborate ornamentation.

Philadelphia’s 1876 Centennial Exposition is also considered a dynamic influence in crazy-quilt design. At the entrance to the most popular Japanese Pavilion, the image of a priest on a paved road introduced the concept of asymmetry to more than ten million people who attended.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

A cracked-ice, mosaic pattern on the path as well as other unfamiliar art forms—with images of storks, owls, fans, and flowers—were exotic attractions for Americans. They had become enchanted with anything Oriental and were replicating the look in their art, including quilts, dinnerware, furniture, and other decorations, so come ours Christmas Crazy Quilt Patterns Free.

From Trendy to Timeless

Antique quilt historian Betsey Telford says, “Crazy quilts are not random. They are planned art.” Owner of Rocky Mountain Quilts in Maine, Betsey sells and restores quilts for private clients and museums. Using only original fabrics, she matches literally thousands of materials from her personal collection dating back to 1780.

In 20 years of buying, selling, and restoring antique textiles, she’s seen hundreds of Victorian crazy quilts. Because each crazy quilt is unique in pattern and ornamentation, appraising the treasures is highly time-consuming.

“The mark of crazy-quilt excellence is the stitching,” Betsey explains. “When women of today would have been finished, Victorian-era women embellished the embellished.” They stitched most pieces using pure silk or cotton twist—some with a single strand of embroidery thread—and even wool in folk art examples.

Christmas Crazy Quilt Patterns
Christmas Crazy Quilt Patterns

“This was a woman’s art statement,” Betsey says. She values crazy quilts on a variety of criteria, examining style, color, fabric, threads, and pattern. “They’re art for walls to be enjoyed,” she says.

We hope you enjoyed this story and this pattern and can make yours before Christmas and thus have a beautiful party. Download your pattern on the button above and enjoy this beautiful seam.

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