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Christmas Stars INSPIRED BY: Friendship Gathering from quilt collector Jody Sanders nad have the QUILT TESTER: Diane Tomlinson. We are well aware that this pattern is not ours and that you are going to know now a type of quilt or actually a different pattern, well at least I had not looked, seen a pattern as beautiful as this and look how simple it is!

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Christmas Stars Quitl Pattern

The quilt pattern Christmas Stars by Jody Sanders is well described with several instructions and tips in our dear blog at and I recommend you to participate, that is, see the blog for more information outside the PDF we bring for you. Nothing better than getting more information on great work like this straight from the source, right?

Let’s talk now about this pattern that really surprised me a lot, which is the one about Christmas, well this pattern was created for Christmas and we have no doubt about that. Do you know what delighted me the most?

Christmas Stars
Christmas Stars by

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I was very delighted with Christmas Stars, a Christmas pattern that the common colors of Christmas were used in a delicate, simple and very harmonious way at the same time. The fabrics used, the patterns in this case you can find on any (almost any) website of your choice.

Do you know what the Christmas star means? The meaning of the Christmas star is related to the birth of Jesus. It represents the star of Bethlehem which, according to Christian tradition, was the bright star that announced and guided the three wise men to the place of Jesus’ birth.

We can say that the main meaning of the Christmas star is the “way to go”. It is the guide of this date. A symbol for those who seek new paths in life.

Christmas Stars[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

As we said above, there are different ways to include the Christmas star in the decoration of this special date. You can use your creativity to make the four corners of your house even more illuminated and in the Christmas mood.

To help you get inspired, we have selected the best places to put the Christmas tree star. Check it out and choose your favorite places to start decorating!

Christmas tree star on top of the tree?

The Christmas tree star on top of the tree is the most common and traditional way to use the star in Christmas decoration. This shape strengthens this very important Christmas symbol.

There is no rule about what is the best material to use for your Christmas tree star. However, try to choose a Christmas tree star that has the same style as the rest of the tree. So if it is a modern tree, use a Christmas star that reflects this style.

And this is exactly what catches my attention, our beloved design collector Jody Sanders and quilt tester, Diane Tomlinson show that we can change, or further enhance the Christmas decoration with this ingenious and very beautiful pattern.

You can use it on a hanging panel on your wall, you can use it on your table, you can use it on your bed, on your sofa back, on your lounge chair, on your porch seating, the ideas that come to mind are so many that I go crazy thinking about how to use this quilt pattern for Christmas.

We hope you can use this pattern wherever you are, no matter the country or your condition, just try to make this pattern and want to know more? You can download the PDF here at this link Christmas Stars. If you want to send it directly to your email click the button below.

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