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Holly Jolly Christmas Quilt free

Holly Jolly Christmas Quilt Foundation-piece an assortment of red, green, cream, white, and black prints to make a jolly Christmas throw. Fabrics are from the Cardinal Carols and Poinsettia Song collections by Hoffman California Fabrics.

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Holly Jolly Christmas Quilt

Holly Jolly Christmas Quilt
Holly Jolly Christmas Quilt

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We are nearing the time of year that many of us love, and so Christmas at the end of the year comes with a cold that is even too cold, and in many places we can even see snow. Making a quilt is a good part of making our Christmas decorations. This pattern you can see advanced details at and take a look at several other fabrics.

Patterns for special days or occasions like these that we are bringing to you here are indeed an important part so that you can get more ideas of various others that may be created. So fabrics like these here is as beautiful as we can make it.

I recommend you go to the article to see more about this pattern because there is some detailed information there. But be aware that you can change the pattern, as to its size, the type of fabric that can make patterns like this.

Have a restful night’s sleep with this comforter and at the same time make your bedroom a modern environment. It has a very soft and warm touch that will make your rest much more pleasant.

Few things are as pleasant as lying in a warm and soft bed. For this, the comforter is a product that transitions easily between winter and summer, promising to make sleep more enjoyable.

Made of the best materials, with delicate prints and textures, making the pieces easy to coordinate with sheets, pillowcases, or the entire bed décor. All to make you sleep well and wake up even better.

The right comforter for your decoration

What style does your bedroom match? Romantic, clean, classic or modern? mmartan has types of comforters with perfect prints and patterns to combine pieces and mix textures, colors, and designs. Choose the perfect style to get inspired and create an atmosphere full of beauty and comfort:

– Classic decoration: elegant and timeless, the pieces that make up a classic decoration are made in neutral colors and pastel shades, besides having a tendency to be plain or with sober prints, a single comforter in this style makes the atmosphere sophisticated and imposing. You can opt for a double-sided comforter.

– Romantic decoration: the floral pattern is very important for a romantic decoration, since it gives the idea of spring and delicacy, besides making the room cozy and graceful. The comforter for a couple with florals and neutral tones is a great solution for a double room, balancing the feminine and masculine without leaving the romantic style aside.

– Minimalist decoration: The minimalist style emerged around the 1960s and seeks to replace quantity with quality. The double-sided comforter is an ideal piece for this type of decoration, since it can be used on both sides, ensuring that the room always looks new, but without excesses.

Holly Jolly Christmas Quilt
Holly Jolly Christmas Quilt

– Modern decoration: Neutral tones and the combination of light and dark look good in the modern décor. To insert color and textures, choose options in pastel shades or bright colors in small details, such as pillows. In addition to joining lines and shapes, a good choice would be a quilted comforter to combine all these tricks.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

How to care for your comforter

The comforter, as well as quilts and blankets, need to be cleaned at least twice a year. This way, allergies and dust mite accumulation can be avoided. With this in mind, we have selected some tips to make your product last and look beautiful for longer.

The first step on how to wash a comforter is very simple: it is important that you check all the instructions on the product label. There you will find all the information you need to clean the comforter.

And if you have any doubts about how to store a comforter, we can help you! First, the comforter needs to be completely dry. Then you can store it in a protector and store it in a specific part of your closet. It is important that it is in a ventilated space.

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