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Lone Star Quilt Pattern Free

The Traditional Lone Star Quilt Pattern is one of the most recognizable quilt patterns in American quilting history, and with good reason.  The sharp 45° angles of the star quilt points are eye-catching and memorable, not to mention the enormous eight-point star is timeless and beautiful.

Lone Star Quilt Pattern

Lone Star Quilt Pattern
Lone Star Quilt Pattern

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Lone Star quilts are characterized by their eight-pointed star in the center of the quilt top. Each side of the quilt has two large points that point north, south, east, and west.

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Traditionally, the large 8 point star will be centered on the quilt top, though I have seen a few modern interpretations where the star is offset to one side.

For our Modern Lone Star pattern, we wanted to keep the tradition of having the star as the focal point in the center, but with different blocking and piecing to give it a fresh, contemporary vibe.

I found some fun facts about it and learned quite a bit about the importance of this particular pattern in US history. Other pattern Lone Star can see here.
  1. Before being known as the “Lone Star” pattern, it was known as the “Mathematical Star” in England and the East Coast of the US. Other names include Star of Bethlehem, Star of the East, Morning Star, and Blazing Star.
  2. Traditionally, the Lone Star is comprised of small diamond-shaped blocks.
  3. Texan quilters adopted the name “Lone Star” from the Native Americans who originally came up with the name. Texans called it the Lone Star quilt after they became the “Lone Star State.”
  4.  The Lone Star was (and still is) a complex pattern that can be tricky to master. “Y” seams are used to add fabric to fill the gaps between the star’s points and can be tough to manage.
  5. As pioneers traveled West, the women brought their quilting skills and community with them, which is how the “Mathematical Star” made its way West.
  6.  You can downoad free pdf pattern Traditional Lone Star Quilt Pattern here.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]
Lone Star Quilt Pattern
Lone Star Quilt Pattern
The Lone Star quilt has been around for centuries, and it doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. It is, personally, one of my favorite designs because of its timeless beauty and versatility in modern quilting. The Lone Star Quilt Pattern: Our Modern Approach to a Traditional Design.
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