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Panel Gingerbread House Pattern free

Panel Gingerbread House Pattern is a wonderful pattern that can be used for many special occasions like children’s parties and of course why not use it for Christmas? Do you like panel quilt making? This and others that we will post here are the exact measure if you are looking for quality patterns and of course beautiful ideas to decorate the wall of your home whether in everyday life or on more than special occasions.

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Panel Gingerbread House Pattern

Panel Gingerbread House Pattern
Panel Gingerbread House Pattern

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This Panel Gingerbread House Pattern has its peculiarities and of course as all quilt work requires quality fabrics we will also put the fabrics that can be purchased exactly to make this pattern from

Our wish is that you really enjoy this new series of articles about panel made with fabrics to decorate your home, or in fact, panel quilt as we like to call it.

The panels used to decorate your home, are actually a wonder created to make the environment in which we live more romantic, fun, joyful and even express what we can not speak and know that this is as old as you can imagine!

About this Panel Gingerbread House it is about a little house of sweets, the image clearly already speaks for itself, but it is good to show or explain that not only the central fabric is enough to make the panel, it is necessary that the edges are very well elaborated, after all a picture is enhanced in its beauty when it is in its frame.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

The quilt panel to look wonderfully beautiful, it is not enough just to choose the central pattern or design of it, it is necessary to combine the sides with fabrics either with prints or designs in the center, because only then you will ensure the success of what you really want to represent your panel.

Where can I buy the fabrics for this panel?

Of course you can buy the fabrics wherever you want to the model that suits you best, but for this specific project you should follow the links that we will post here below that are directly for purchase from our beloved site Let’s go shopping?

Fabrics used. Bellow imagens links to buy.

Product ID Price Qty Units Total
HOCCLEBT $12.75 1.00 each $12.75
TTSHI4RD $12.95 0.50 yards $6.48
RUCOOHGO $14.95 0.75 yards $11.21
RUCHRBBM $14.95 0.50 yards $7.48
HOHNDYHU $10.95 0.50 yards $5.48
RUCHRALQ $14.95 0.75 yards $11.21
BEQBC4CB $19.50 1.75 yards $34.13


The table above shows the fabric code, the price, the quantity used in the pattern, the unit used, and the total value. This link ahead contains more information about the pattern and below you can download your pattern in case you can’t download from the link.

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