Quilt Runner Holiday A subtle palette and understated motifs make this runner table-ready for Christmas dinner and beyond. Fabrics are from the Christmas Naturals collection by Thimbleberries for RJR Fabrics

Perfect Quilt Runner Holiday

Soft colors and understated prints combine in a rich table runner for autumn and beyond. You can even save it for Christmas, if you prefer. Whenever you choose to display this, it’s sure to make a wonderful impression.

Quilt Runner Holiday

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Quilt Runner Holiday

The Perfect Quilt Runner Holiday is really quite simply constructed, and is suitable for both beginning (with solid sewing and cutting skills) and experienced quilters.

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Choose colors Quilt Runner

Quilt Runner Holiday
Quilt Runner Holiday

Choose colors Quilt Runner Holiday to match your decor or for a particular season or holiday. This goes together so quickly that you may want to make more than one. Anyone who enjoys quilts will appreciate receiving one as a gift.

Quilt Runner Holiday Download

The finished table Quilt Runner Holiday, by Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries, is 26 1⁄2″ x 58 1⁄2″.You can download it from this net site with someone corresponds to me, and if for some reason you can’t download it you can stay on the button below.

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  1. I’ve asked for this pattern, and it tells me that the link was sent, but it hasn’t arrived in my email OR my Spam. This isn’t the first pattern that I’ve asked for and haven’t received.

  2. No I didn’t receive this pattern. I also tried using another email address, told me it had been sent and didn’t receive that one either. Not in the inbox or spam. I’m beginning to think there is no link for this pattern.


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