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Sunset Strips Quilt Pattern was sent to us by a reader who particularly we do not know also never saw her name until I searched one of our groups to see if she was a follower but we also did not find the name that presented us was Lolita thank you for me would be this pattern. But whenever someone sends us a pattern but please ask them to put the person responsible for the design, i.e. the author of the pattern this is very important every pattern should contain its author and the blog of the person who made it.

Sunset Strips Quilt Pattern by Joanna Marsh

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Sunset Strips Quilt Pattern
Sunset Strips Quilt Pattern by Joanna Marsh in https://kustomkwilter.com/

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We searched the pattern and saw that this pattern belongs to Joana Marsh here on her site she has several beautiful patterns for you to check out and believe me they are super easy to make I have already purchased 3 and found them wonderful to make, so here is the link so you can also delight in these patterns of hers kustomkwilter.com/patterns.

You can also follow her on her social network Instagram. To access it just open her Instagram and search for her by her nick name kustomkwilts. I’m sure Jo loves to do it, which is something that is in her blood just as it is in mine or yours or anyone else’s that likes to work with fabrics.

I tried to get in touch with Joana but could not regarding this pattern I believe that because she is a very busy person she barely has time to look at her messages I believe because I also go through this. I will make available PDF with her boss here but be aware that if she does not agree we will take this pattern off the air immediately. So Joana if you are reading this article we apologize for this was a voter who sent us We tried to contact you but were unsuccessful, and If you allow we would like to leave this pattern here. In case you wish we will remove it immediately in advance we commend you for the wonderful work you do and you are a source of inspiration to us all.

I don’t want to talk much about this pattern in respect to Joana herself, but I want to say that it is a sensational pattern and one of those that you keep inside a safe and never lose it the colors you can vary the style you can vary everything you can vary as you like Joana made a Spectacular pattern that we can note Lisandro the way we need or where we need to use.

Finally once again I want to point out that you can and should access Joana’s website at this link and also access her Instagram and her follower vol is worth it believe me. In More You can use the pattern and making the measurements you need and the pattern is beautiful Because it still comes with a pillow that you can also make pillow of it.

Your pattern will be sent to your email. File saved from Viruses and Spam. Pattern by Joanna Murch kustomkwilter.com
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  1. I am ery unhappy with this site. Have tried so many times to download a pattern and I get nothing. Beginning to think this is a scam.

    • Jean first I’m sorry if I sound rude, but we are not scam here and we hate that. You not being able to download the patterns is a problem that occurs in many times with mail servers. You need to make sure of 3 things: 1- If your ISP accepts emails sent with PDF links? 2- Do you always check your spam and junk boxes and files? 3- Have you tried with a different email? And when you try the 3 situations and your download still doesn’t show up, just do as others do, like Janett for example, leave a message in the comment with the simple phrase: I didn’t receive my pattern. And our team will send it another way, as we always do. Here our readers are not left in the dark, they are not fooled with false patterns, nor are they forgotten. And you are always very welcome. Try again to download, and if you can’t, please let us know. We’ll manage.

  2. The site gives a place to put in your email, for a link to be sent to your email, so you receive the pattern. It works just fine. It’s not a scam.

  3. Would like to get at least one of the patterns now that you have my email. It isn’tmy server, I have checked ALL incoming emails, and how many email addresses do you think I’ll give you?

    • REally sorry hehe, but we really only need an email address that works to receive the pdf you want, and of course the main link to the pattern editor blog/site where you should originally see more information about the pattern. good but check your mail again and make sure it is there now. Sorry for the delay, unfortunately health problems have affected us.


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