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US Map Quilt Tutorial Free for Subscriber and If you love to travel then this is a perfect quilt project that you should start working on.  The Marjorie’s Quilt is a free quilt pattern from AGF studio featuring the Open Road fabric collection by Bonnie Christine.

US Map Quilt Tutorial Free for Subscriber

Free US Map Quilt Tutorial is a very different pattern that you can make with the fabrics of your choice, the colors and patterns, and note that this quilt is not only a type to decorate your home, you know what else it also helps?

US Map Quilt Tutorial Free
US Map Quilt Tutorial Free for Subscriber by Flamingo Taes

This quilt helps you teach your children the American states. Isn’t that a nice idea? Well then let’s download it now so you can make it exactly the same or even better! This pattern was created by Flamigo Taes.

This quilt project consists of the 50 states of the USA hence we can also call this quilt the US Map quilt. A scrap-friendly quilt that is so fun to make, especially if you love to travel. You can make this quilt pattern as a centerpiece of a larger quilt, or you can put it in a frame, or maybe it could help you decide for your next state to visit. Just put an embellish to record the place you traveled. Let your imagination go and have some fun!  Finished Quilt Measures: 45 inches x 60 inches

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You might have seen this fun US Map Quilt over at Fabric.com last month! I’m sharing it here now too, I would love to see a photo if you make one up!

US Map Quilt Tutorial Free
US Map Quilt Tutorial Free

We just love going on road trips – it’s so much fun – we feel like the drive is part of the adventure! My only drawback with them is that my husband likes to keep the air in the car on freezing. Like, we’re talking Arctic cold. So I’m always wrapped up in a throw of some sort – even if we’re traveling across the desert. He’s happy, I’m happy.

This US Map Quilt is perfect to take along on a road trip! It’s covered with a fun map of the US – all appliqued in scrappy, colorful prints. You could even add a little line of embroidery to remember your trip by, or decorate the map with little hearts for places you’ve visited! You can download now this perfect pattern!  PATTERN FREE: TUTORIAL PDF

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  1. Thank you for the pattern we are going to make and put little house on the states that we have lived in this will make a great reminder of all of the base that we were at over the last 25 years with the military

    • wonderful, magnificent idea! Congratulations, and may your work be glorious with this pattern. Don’t forget to share in our vip group the photo of your work! 😍❤️❤️


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