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Dear visitor, We hope you are enjoying our website and the quilting-related resources. We value creativity and the contributions of enthusiasts like yourself, and we would like to make a special request: would you consider adding your own quilt pattern to our site for others to download, use in presentations, or even purchase? We believe that sharing different patterns enhances the experience of our visitors and strengthens the quilting community. Therefore, we would like to offer you the opportunity to showcase your work and share your creations with other quilting enthusiasts. If you are interested in adding your pattern to our site, we would be happy to discuss the details, such as terms of use, credits, and any additional information required for the proper inclusion of your pattern. We appreciate your interest and the possibility of further enriching our site with your contribution. We look forward to receiving your pattern and sharing it with our quilting community.

Sincerely, Quilt Instructions

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We love people who reach out to us to suggest, advertise their quilts, or even request the removal of a pattern they don’t want on our site. We appreciate polite and kind individuals and strive to assist them as quickly as possible!

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