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Starburst Pillow Free Pattern

Starburst Pillow Brighten your decor with a pillow composed of vibrant hues. Fabrics are from the Ambrosia collection by Natalie Miles for P&B Textiles. With its combination of sunny yellow, fiery red and deep purple, this boldly patterned pillow is sure to add some pizzazz to any room. Whether used as an accent piece or a focal point, it is sure to make a statement. So why not add a little bit of brightness to your life with this fun and stylish Starburst Pillow?

Starburst Pillow Pattern

Starburst Pillow
Starburst Pillow by image from allpeoplequilt.com.

Designers of fabrics and decorative objects know how important it is to offer a free pattern for download. It shows kindness and recognition for the work of other designers, as well as giving their readers the opportunity to create their own pieces.

In this post, we feature the free Starburst Pillow pattern, created by fabric designer Dani Sunshine. Starburst is a delicate pattern that goes well with a variety of decor styles.

Stars are always a symbol of beauty, and when it comes to pillows, they can be added to your decor to bring a little star in.

Starburst pillows are beautiful, bright pillows that will add cheer and color to any room. They are perfect for a child’s room, or any other room where you want it to be the main attraction.

They come in many colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your decorating style. Starburst pillows are easy to clean, so if you have kids, or if you are always forgetting to clean the pillows, these are perfect.

As almofadas Starburst são almofadas bonitas e brilhantes que irão acrescentar alegria e cor a qualquer divisão. São perfeitas para o quarto de uma criança, ou para dar um toque de personalidade ao seu sofá.

As almofadas Starburst são feitas de tecido brilhante e macio, que irá proporcionar um conforto excepcional. Além disso, as estrelas brilhantes e coloridas vão trazer muita alegria para qualquer divisão.

As almofadas Starburst são perfeitas para quem procura um toque de personalidade e cor na decoração da sua casa.

You can download the free pattern for starburst pillows here allpeoplequilt.com. To download the free pattern, simply enter your email address below. You will receive a download link directly to your email.

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Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt free idea

Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt this pattern gave me a headache in fact it will give me a lot of headaches. I looked for it in several places and could not find this beautiful pattern, neither free nor paid… BUT I ASK: If you find this pattern please tell me the place, the designer, the site or the marketplace to buy it from, I need it for real. But how will I make this pattern? READ THE IDEA CAREFULLY!

Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt

Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt
Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt

For you to understand my thinking I did the following, I reasoned that a patchwork quilt is a work manufactured from several pieces of fabric sewn together. They are usually squares or rectangles of different colors and textures, but can be any shape. The sewing technique used in making a patchwork quilt is the same as that used in making a normal quilt.

The origin of the patchwork quilt is uncertain, but it is believed that it appeared in Europe in the 17th century. At that time, women used the scraps of clothing left over to make patchwork quilts.

Today, the patchwork quilt is a very popular decorative object. It can be used to cover a bed, to decorate a sofa, or even to decorate a wall.

There are several patchwork quilt patterns, but the most common is the square pattern. This pattern is easy to make and allows the artist to make various combinations of colors and textures.

To make a patchwork quilt, you will need:

  • – Cotton or flannel fabric;
  • -Scissors;
  • – Thread and needle;
  • – Ruler;
  • – Drawing paper.

Start by choosing the fabrics you will use for the patchwork quilt. The fabrics should have different colors and textures so that the final result is more interesting. Cut the fabrics according to the size you want for the patchwork quilt.

Then draw a square on the paper, transfer the design to the fabric, and pin the four corners with the thread and needle. Repeat this process until all the fabric is covered.

When you are finished, sew the fabrics together using the quilt sewing technique. This process is a bit more complicated, but with practice you can do it quickly.

Finally, decorate the patchwork quilt with embroidery, bows, or buttons. This is the most fun part because you can use your imagination to create interesting designs. REMEMBER THAT THESE ARE THE BASICS OF THE BASICS SO THAT I CAN COME TO THE CONCLUSION OF WHAT I AM GOING TO TALK ABOUT NOW.

Well, with this idea in mind I put together 2 PDF’s, that’s right TWO PDF’s of different patterns and put them together into one. How did I do this?

First if you look at the picture below you will see that the center is a normal Log Cabin so I used a pattern from this article here ->> www.generations-quilt-patterns.com then I paid more attention and saw that the autumn leaves are kind of stitched on top of the log cabin pattern https://suzyquilts.com/ well, then I looked for a pattern and found the pattern on this site here (which is free).

Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt
Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt

IDEA: make the leaves first and then make the pattern for the long cabin blocks, but I realized when I zoomed in on the pattern that the leaves are actually not sewn on top of the log cabin but together with pattern… what a headache so I made a drawing to get an idea, and ran threads around it to get the right size!

The patchwork quilt is a very interesting and creative craft. If you enjoy crafts, this is a great project to get you started. Insert email to download the pattern.

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Confetti Star Quilt Tutorial Free

The cConfetti Star Quilt Tutorial Free is a popular modern quilt. It is easily recognizable by its bright colors and drawn stars. The confetti star quilt is a very easy quilt to make, and is very versatile, and can be used for many occasions.

Confetti Star Quilt Tutorial Development

Confetti Star Quilt Tutorial
Confetti Star Quilt Tutorial by https://www.missouriquiltco.com/

The confetti star quilt is made from scraps of fabric in various colors. Each star is made from a triangular piece of fabric. The pieces of fabric are placed in the correct positions and sewn together.

The completion of the star confetti quilt is to sew the border. This is an easy step, and can be done with any type of stitching. After sewing, you need to iron over the quilt to secure the seams.

The confetti star quilt is a popular modern quilt. It is easily recognizable by its bright colors and drawn stars. The confetti star quilt is a very easy quilt to make, and is quite versatile, and can be used for many occasions.

* scraps free pattern

The confetti star quilt is made from scraps of fabric in various colors. Each star is made from a triangular piece of fabric. The fabric scraps are placed in the correct positions and sewn together.

The completion of the star confetti quilt is to sew the border. This is an easy step, and can be done with any type of stitching. After sewing, it is necessary to iron over the quilt to secure the seams.

On this Confetti Star Quilt Tutorial pattern Jenny Doan demonstrates how to make the Confetti Star quilt pattern by Material Girlfriends’ with 10 inch squares of precut fabric (layer cake). For this quick and easy project, Jenny chose “Bee Basics” 10″ Stackers and “Bee Backgrounds 10” Stackers by Lori Holt for Riley Blake. This quilt block is much easier than it appears, and it can be laid out in so many different ways!

We hope you enjoyed this article, and now you can see the complete and very well explained tutorial of this beautiful pattern.

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Maple Leaf Mug Rugs or Coasters pattern free

Maple Leaf Mug Rugs or Coasters pattern is well autumn not really here yet, but I love this time of year so much that I start our Fall decorating right after Labor Day. So let’s look at a bit of this pattern now, which will actually have some adaptations depending on what you really want to do in using this very interesting pattern.

Maple Leaf Mug Rugs or Coasters pattern

Maple Leaf Mug Rugs or Coasters pattern
Maple Leaf Mug Rugs or Coasters pattern

This Maple Leaf Mug Rugs or Coasters pattern is by buzzinbumble.com Since I cannot show anything I’m presently working on, I thought it would be fun to post this tutorial for making Maple Leaf Coasters and Mug Rugs. I wrote it a couple of years ago for The Quilting Board and even though it is beginner level, people seem to really like it. The basic idea can be used for any number of things. I’ll be making cookie coasters next.

Half the fun of making these little maple leaves is digging through your scraps, picking out fabrics you like and then seeing how they turn out as a leaf. These are a really simple and quick project and they look great as table decoration when not in use. We especially like the coaster size, but they are neat done up larger as mug rugs and even larger as hot pads too.

I like the versatility that this pattern gives us when making certain uses, for example, think about making it for general use in the kitchen, bathroom, and also as an applique for some pillows.

My idea on the pillow is to use the base pattern of the log cabin and put an applique of this Maple Leaf Mug Rugs or Coasters pattern right in the center! What a wonderful idea, don’t you agree? that’s what I’m going to do.

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Quilt Log Cabin Colored free

Quilt Log Cabin Colored is now our subject today. As you know how to make a quilt or even a fabric cover whatever it is to get different and beautiful shapes, it takes a few steps first and that’s exactly where the block patterns come in. This pattern was made by a reader of ours, who gave us her beautiful work and also the amazing watermark with the name of our site.

Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Only one more block pattern until you complete your 12 month quilt along DIY quilt! This Log Cabin Quilt Pattern is a truly gorgeous block design for you to add to your almost complete BOM quilt.

Quilt Log Cabin Colored
Quilt Log Cabin Colored

Adaptations Of The Log Cabin Quilt Colored

Like many traditional quilt blocks, the Log Cabin Quilt has evolved and adapted to modern tastes and quilting techniques. Below are some examples of quilters who have mastered the Log Cabin block and elevated its form into beautifully modern designs.

This easy log cabin quilt block pattern demonstrates how easy it is to sew traditionally designed blocks that finish at 14″ square. While you can cut patchwork strips from your quilting fabrics, jelly rolls make it a cinch to sew a scrap quilt made up of Quilt Log Cabin Colored blocks. Jelly rolls are bundled rolls that are formed from pre-cut strips of coordinated fabric.

The rolls are usually made up of 30 or 40 strips that measure 2-1/2″ in width and are cut from selvage to selvage—about 42″ long. The block illustrated was sewn with retro-look fabrics but strips are available in any color and fabric type you desire.

Log Cabin tutorial

For the construction of this Quilt Log Cabin Colored, our reader and friend used the PDF that you download just below when entering your email. Remember that if you don’t receive it in your email you can comment here.

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Peachy Keen Quilt Pattern

Peachy Keen Quilt Pattern is a very beautiful panel that you can make to decorate your home or any part of it in fact your office or studio with a simple, beautiful and well made wall panel and the best is for using the colors that you like or feel comfortable with. This pattern was created by Nicole Calver and you should check out her social networks to learn more about the designer, her website is snipssnippets.ca and her Instagram is @snipssnippets.

Peachy Keen Quilt Pattern

First I want to thank the person (anonymous – we don’t know who it was) who sent us this wonderful quilt pattern, but we appreciate it. This wall panel or whatever you wish to use is just as impressive for the delicacy of the colors used!

Peachy Keen Quilt Pattern
Peachy Keen Quilt Pattern

This Peachy Keen Quilt Pattern Using red with mustard colors dark gray and yellow pigments is really a great idea to make a Cross pattern. Of course there are many applications for this pattern and I’m sure you have great ideas to use it as a panel at the entrance of the living room or even a beautiful table runner or maybe to make that wonderful comfy silk lined quilt.

The good thing about patterns is that you can use the most diverse types of media to adapt a pattern into other applications for your home or office or whatever you want.

It is interesting that a wall panel it can completely change the environment of the house especially if you place it in strategic places some people for example like to place it right at the entrance as a vase of plant on the side or as a reflector of ambient light pointed to highlight the colors as if it were a painting in a museum.

Panels made of fabric are one of the most used Decorations in our country and has also been gaining more and more supporters in Europe and Brazil interesting here in Brazil people like hand painted pictures and panels in colored or printed fabrics have been gaining more and more prominence incredible is not it?

We hope you can access Nicole’s social networks and see more designers like this so you can get amazing ideas we will put here the link for you to access Nicole’s website and also below so you can access her Instagram it costs nothing and enjoy and follow her on Instagram also take the opportunity to get the Peachy Keen Quilt Pattern There PDF of this beautiful work.

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Appliqué birds cushion pattern

Appliqué birds cushion pattern is a cushion pattern that you can make to decorate your home in a very charming way. This lovely pattern was created or had its designer by dear quilter Laura Pritchard has been sewing since she was a child and quilting for most of her adult life. Her work has been published in several quilting and craft magazines including Love Patchwork and Quilting. Here you can see more about laurapritchard.

Appliqué birds cushion pattern

Appliqué birds
Appliqué birds

Appliqué birds cushion pattern is a pattern you can find on gathered.how website and when talking about this pattern we can notice some very interesting details that few quilter’s even unnotice. In fact every pattern I make, that a client asks for or that I’m going to make for a gift I like to observe every important detail and its representation for my person.

I really enjoy the part where the birds are resting above the branches coming off the main flower below. This flower is accompanied by some well done and well introduced leaves in the final drawing with Appliqué birds.

The gains were well designed and appropriate for the occasion with colors that don’t draw attention and instead are attention to the two birds that are actually a couple.

(I like to think it is a couple of birds) and I am sure you should or could think the same way after all this kind of free pattern is always a romantic inspiration.

Idea decorations

Decorative pillows are indispensable items when composing the harmony of environments that need to reflect well-being, warmth, and comfort. They have been used in decoration since the 1960s, when, together with rugs, they made the rooms more uncluttered, following the counterculture of the time.

With decorative pillows Appliqué birds cushion pattern, you carry an exceptional colorfulness and an elegant casualness. When choosing pillows, pay attention to the fabrics that can be velvet, smooth, textured, or handmade. The choice of fabric and size of the decorative pillows in your room will define the style of the room. For those who intend to use decorative pillows in the bedroom, a good option is to place them upright next to the headboard, which gives an exceptional charm.

Tutorial e download Appliqué birds

I hope you enjoyed these Appliqué birds cushion pattern tips for your home, your bedroom, or other place you like to put those beautiful pillows with wonderful fabrics of your choice. For you download just click on the link here www.gathered.how below and access the tutorial or if you can not add your email in the field below and see your mail.

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Pardon Garden quilt diamonds

The Pardon Garden quilt diamonds t is a classic design made up of diamonds and looks wonderful in any setting.  The diamonds are framed by narrow strips of off white, witch makes them “float” within the setting.

Pardon Garden quilt diamonds

Pardon Garden quilt
Pardon Garden quilt

We used all of the 12 Pardon My Garden Fabrics and off-white quilt fabric for the quilt top. You will find a detailed list of materials in the explanation.

The explanation for this Pardon Garden quilt diamonds (and many Tilda quilts to come) is written by our new friend and collaborator Linda Clements. Many of you know her as the woman behind “The Quilter’s Bible”.  Her talent for explanations and step-by-step illustrations is just amazing!

How do you sew a diamond quilt together?

Using your taped thumb guide, measure from the cut edge to the seam and place your pin. Now, push the pin through the seam and into the marked line, making sure the cut edges match up. Sew this seam with a ¼” seam allowance and press open. Voila, Perfect match!

The quilt is made up of blocks of fixed size. Each block is made of four equilateral triangles joined together by seams. The triangles can be cut from fabric or patchwork. To make the pattern, you need to cut two blocks directly opposite each other from the fabric.

The triangles are sewn together diagonally, forming a rhombus. When all the blocks are ready, just sew the sides of the quilt together. The structure of the quilt is simple, but the details are impressive.

For that pattern Pardon Garden quilt diamonds to look stunning it is important you chose the fabrics that clearly express your desire it is true that sometimes we imagine so much a perspective type EA is often so great and when we look it can’t be the same as we desire or really is even better than we want matching the colors is key. Using the precise prints and even more already knowing what the for whom will be the use makes this pattern even more exceptional.


The “Pardon Garden quilt diamonds” quilt is a free quilt pattern available for download. It is a replica of a classic quilt with flower and leaf motifs. The structure of the pattern is simple, but the details are impressive.

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Hummingbird Quilt Painel Pattern Free by Gina

Hummingbird Quilt Pattern by Gina is a really beautiful pattern by itself, it explains how a panel should be made to put on the wall of our living or guest room, it’s creativity like this that inspires us to do more and even better, it inspires us to make from pieces of fabric amazing panels, blankets, pillows, pillows and of course quilts and more for our home.

Hummingbird Quilt Pattern by Gina

Hummingbird Quilt
Hummingbird Quilt

Hummingbird Quilt from designer Gina Surely used beautiful fabrics cut at ideal moments actually nature photographs printed on fabric with the quality as amazing as we can see. The mixture of flowers and birds seen in this panel is sensational is inspiring is striking.

Combining nature tones with other colors is not an easy task especially when it comes to many colors so using strong colors that at the same time can give a neutral state makes all the difference.

Look closely at the image and notice that through triangles or rhombuses a chain is formed by interacting some images and others in the center loosely which then forms a geometric pattern. To tell you the truth, I found the work to be similar to a bargello pattern.

Fabrics like these are really not so easy to find but there are manufacturers have fabrics as beautiful as these and even we will be Maybe tomorrow with article different from anything you have seen good to tell the truth what you will see in an article talking about fabrics water you do not come any kind of website or blog.

The fabrics used for this pattern can be found in the Fabric Collection by Abraham Hunter Art, Inc. for P&B Textiles. If you cannot find the same fabrics, look for others that may even be better in their design than this one. CLICK HERE TO SEE 2021 FABRICS P&B.

I hope you enjoyed this panel and that you can actually make it for your home enjoy make be creative it is a wonderful gift for the one you love no matter the date. Leave a comment What did you think of this panel?

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Supernova Cushion Quilt free

Supanova Cushion Quilt is a pattern by Helen who designs and sells patchwork gifts as well as her own quilt and bag patterns. Helen Butcher This stylish cushion is a great project to practice your foundation piecing skills.

Supernova Cushion Quilt

Supernova Cushion Quilt
Supernova Cushion Quilt – by Helen https://www.littlepatchpockets.co.uk/

This incredible PDF of the cushion named after supernova chushion was sent to us by an anonymous reader of ours who by the way we appreciate. In the PDF below we find the note from the author of this beautiful pattern, actually the designer who took all the care to make it.

To know more details from Helen I suggest you to access her site https://www.littlepatchpockets.co.uk/ that has very nice things for us to create. I was wondering if she herself sent us this pattern? Well I don’t think so because if it was she would have identified herself, but let’s go for our goal which is this beautiful pattern.

The cushions are items that every house should have and it doesn’t matter if the house has a beautiful living room, or just a room with an old wooden chair, in fact this doesn’t matter to me, but the clean place that brings you peace.

This cushion matches exactly with environments or people who like to read good books, like their privacy when reading, studying and even listening to good music.

Besides being great for decorating, here are some good reasons for you to make this pillow!  The supernova cushion quilt is a new way to put pillows to bed. It is a quilt made of a soft, warm fabric that allows the pillows to move freely.

The supernova cushion quilt is ideal for those who want a cozier and more comfortable bed. This new trend in decorating is perfect for those who like to have a relaxed atmosphere at home.

The supernova cushion quilt is a good option for those who want to renew the decoration of their home without spending too much money. In addition, it is a way to put the pillows on the bed in a different and modern way.

Did you like this article? Then, put your email below and receive this pattern for free in your email. Don’t forget to check out the new features on Helen’s website above, click the link and check it out!

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