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Triple Star Free quilt pattern

Triple Star Free quilt pattern is a pattern that I honestly found very beautiful and when reading carefully the history of this pattern gave me an immense desire to share it with you all and tell you in my own way what I think and why I actually share it here on our quilt and free patterns site.

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Triple Star Free quilt pattern

Triple Star Free quilt pattern by Julia-Graves
Triple Star Free quilt pattern by Julia-Graves

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This free Triple Star quilt pattern is a practical, Julia’s initiative to make quilts for her relatives and that it was worth even more because there were two more good reasons about this pattern that we are presenting here for you.

Julia used her experience to create free Triple Stars quilt, a quilt project to be donated to a non-profit organization that makes blankets for Valiant Warriors (American soldiers wounded in combat). And our dear Julia shared the pattern with apqs.com for free, which is where I bring you this wonderful pattern.

Lesson for all of us

People like Julia have been making quilts once a month based on patterns that we present here or that they take from other quilt blogs to help other people like college students, because college mattresses are really strange (I know that well), also for homeless people, since in our country always happens one tragedy or another, and have always helped those in need.

The big lesson of all this is that we (who have the means to do something) should do it, help others, because the big question is, what’s the use of me smiling and being happy if I don’t help even one person? Lesson: it doesn’t matter if it is a Triple Star Free quilt pattern pillow, if it is a pillow, a quilt or a cushion.

Always follow your heart, for surely we, by doing our part are helping to change something, be it the situation of a person, be it the feeling of a person, start by making this pattern to give to someone in your family who is sad or with some disease, for sure it will give strength.

This wonderful Triple Star pattern you can download for free the complete PDF so let’s encourage you to make your own: first read the complete history of this pattern if you can here on www.apqs.com ¬†and enjoy the download. If you can’t access or download for some reason then you can use the download button here below.

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