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100 Modern Patterns Quilt Patterns to Try in 2024

Basic quilt block Patterns for quilts

Explore the simple yet diverse beauty of basic quilting blocks. We’ve rounded up some popular patterns for quilts to add excitement and creativity to your quilting journey.

Patterns for Quilts by Designed to Quilt

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Making a quilt from squares is one of the basic quilt designs. They are easy to cut and sew, so they are perfect as beginner quilting patterns. They come together quickly and give you tons of quilt pattern designs. Check out our favorite square quilt patterns!
Quilt with Squares by Designed to Quilt

Quilt with Squares by Designed to Quilt (Free Pattern)

Ula designed this gorgeous quilt during her research on different square quilt pattern designs and color variations. The Gradient Ombre quilt stands out as one of our favorites, and we’re particularly satisfied with the colorway we chose. The beauty of this pattern is that thanks to the chain piecing method, it comes together super fast!

The Greatest Granny Square Quilt by Quilty Love

The Greatest Granny Square Quilt by Quilty Love (Free Pattern)

Check out this awesome granny mono block quilt. Pieced from larger squares and rectangles it comes together super fast. The bigger surfaces make it a great canvas to show off your beautiful fabrics or quilting designs. If you’re new to quilting, this is a great opportunity to learn about machine quilting and how to use a walking foot.

Free Plus Quilt Pattern by Quilty Love

Free Plus Quilt Pattern by Quilty Love (Free Pattern)

The Plus quilt pattern is one of those super simple patterns for quilts every minimalist will love. The two-fabric design enhances the pattern design, especially if made in two contrasting fabrics, as Emily suggests.

Easy Striped Quilt by Quilty Love

Easy Striped Quilt by Quilty Love (Free Pattern)

I really like how bold this stripy pattern is! It’s super easy to make, and the best part is, you can get creative with your fabric choices. You can even create a themed quilt – choose a holiday print, and your quilt will match the occasion perfectly! If you find the pattern too basic, you can always spice up your quilt with a modern pieced quilt backing design.

Sweet Farm Quilt by Flamingo Toes

Sweet Farm Quilt Pattern by Flamingo Toes (Free Pattern)

The Sweet Farm quilt is a pixel quilt. Pixel quilts are patterns for quilts, made entirely from squares that form a picture. Bev from Flamingo Toes was inspired by a significant change—her family moved to a new farm. For easier piecing, I would suggest laying out the design on a design wall to get an overview of the whole pattern. If you don’t have a design wall yet, we have a simple design wall tutorial for you.

Embroidery Flower Quilt by Tilda

Embroidery Flower Quilt by Tilda (Free Pattern)

This gorgeous flower quilt is also a pixel quilt, reminiscent of floral needlepoint embroideries as they described it at Tilda’s. Pieced just from squares it is a simple cut-and-sew project. To get the most out of this eye-catching pattern I would suggest following the color scheme they suggested. Check out their solid colors or try to come up with a similar combo.

Jolly Bar Jump Free Quilt Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop (quilt by Flamingo Toes)

Jolly Bar Jump Free Quilt Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop (quilt by Flamingo Toes) (Free Pattern)

I like how these two-colored spinning squares bring a cheerful vibe. Their geometric shapes make a bold design, so you can play around with different fabrics, including using up your fabric scraps – as Bev did as a variation of the pattern. Read our tips on choosing colors for quilts that always work.

1+2 Quilt Pattern by Samelia’s Mum

1+2 Quilt Pattern by Samelia’s Mum (Free Pattern)

This pattern is all about playing with squares. It’s simple, making it easy to piece together and quick to make. Plus, it’s a layer cake precut-friendly pattern, which makes it also super beginner-friendly. If you’re looking for patterns for quilts and are just starting out in quilting, this is the perfect choice!

Tiny Tile Quilt by Purl Soho

Tiny Tile Quilt by Purl Soho (Free Pattern)

This adorable pattern might look intricate, but it’s actually made by piecing together the same block with squares in two dimensions. Purl Soho has a step-by-step tutorial on how to piece the quilt top, along with an illustrated guide on quilting design, shown in their product photos. It’s a great choice if you’re on the hunt for a cute baby quilt pattern.

Free Gingham Quilt Pattern by Quilters Candy

Free Gingham Quilt Pattern by Quilters Candy (Free Pattern)

This is a simple pattern with a tutorial on how to make a gingham pattern. A simple combination of squares in three different colors forms the traditional pattern. Elizabeth shows you how to easily piece the quilt top with the strip piecing method and gives you two different colorway options. Quick and easy quilt pattern!

Easy Half Square Triangle Quilt Patterns

The half-square triangle block is undoubtedly one of the basic building blocks in quilting. Its simple geometric shape allows for endless designs, making it a traditional quilt block that’s been around for ages. You’ll find it in so many different patterns for quilts. Whether you prefer a simple geometric pattern with larger surfaces or a more intricate one with smaller pieces, the versatility of this block is why it’s so popular. We’ve gathered some of our favorite half square triangle patterns for quilts for you to choose from! We have some great tips on how to make the half-square triangle quilt block and tutorials on how to make up to 8-at-a-time.

Spring Diamonds Free Quilt Pattern by Flamingo Toes

Spring Diamonds Free Quilt Pattern by Flamingo Toes (Free Pattern)

This pattern is awesome for practicing half-square triangle blocks. It is easier to make than it seems! The quilt top is made up of HSTs that create these lovely diamond shapes, with background squares in between.

Fresh Diamonds by Samelia’s Mum

Fresh Diamonds by Samelia’s Mum (Free Pattern)

Fresh Diamonds is a cool geometric pattern made only from HSTs. The blocks are arranged in a way that creates a big diamond shape, giving the pattern a modern look. Plus, the best part is it’s charm pack friendly, making it even quicker to put together!

A Shoo-Fly Quilt by Simple Simon & Co

A Shoo-Fly Quilt by Simple Simon & Co. (Free Pattern)

This is a straightforward nine-block quilt pattern with added sashings and a border. The blocks are pieced together from squares and half-square triangles, making it easy and quick to create – just the way we like it, right? The large geometric shapes create a visually striking impact and offer plenty of options for your fabric choices. Whether you opt for two colors for a bold geometric outcome or choose solids or your favorite prints, the design will stand out. If you want to add a personal creative signature to the pattern, consider experimenting with these quilt border ideas.

Fly Free Quilt by White Plains Quilts

Fly Free Quilt by White Plains Quilts (Free Pattern)

Here’s a cool and easy pattern that mixes squares and half-square triangle blocks. You can go for two colors or use up your fabric scraps – the straightforward design will give you a modern-looking quilt in the end.

Explore Free Quilt Pattern by Homemade Emily Jane

Explore Free Quilt Pattern by Homemade Emily Jane (Free Pattern)

We love patterns for quilts that come together fast but still look amazing. The smart layout of half-square triangles and horizontal stripes in the Explore quilt creates a bold and modern look. Using vibrant solid colors will give it an extra punch! Read our tips on how to choose color combinations for quilts.

Mirror Maze by Designed to Quilt

Mirror Maze by Designed to Quilt

This pattern is actually one of our top favorites! We designed it with simplicity and boldness in mind, giving the humble half-square triangle block a whole new vibe. We’ve received a lot of comments about how quickly it comes together (and it really does, it’s super quick!). So if you’re in the mood for a project that’s speedy but has a big impact, this is the one! To see for yourself, make sure you read our Mirror Maze quilt along posts where we share all the steps to making your own!

Fantastic Slides quilt by Designed to Quilt

Fantastic Slides by Designed to Quilt
I made this quilt back when we just started designing patterns for quilts. It was made for the Pantone Challenge 2023. The task was to create a quilt using the color of the year – Viva Magenta. As a big fan of the red and pink combination, this was like paradise for me. I played around with geometric shapes and came up with a design that features rectangles and half-square triangles arranged in zig-zag stripes. This gives the illusion of movement and adds an exciting dynamic quality to the quilt. I enhanced the quilt top design with quilting techniques by combining straight line quilting and the stitch-in-the-ditch method.

Triangle Twizzle by Monday Morning Designs

Triangle Twizzle by Monday Morning Designs

A playful, vivid, and modern quilt. It’s mostly made up of half-square triangle blocks, making it a quick and enjoyable project that even beginners can easily make.

Get more ideas for modern half square triangle patterns for quilts!

Quarter Square Triangles Patterns For quilts

The quarter-square triangle is very similar to the half-square triangle block, but instead of two triangles, it’s pieced by combining four triangles to form a square. It’s a great way to introduce a range of colors into your quilt block. Take a look at our tutorial for an easy-to-follow guide on making a quarter-square triangle block. We’ve included explanations and illustrations for all its different versions.

Exploding Heart by Slice of Pi

Exploding Heart by Slice of Pi

This pattern uses quarter-square triangle blocks to introduce various shades of pink, enhancing the impression of a heart explosion with pieces fading into the background. The shades of pink emphasize the triangular geometry of the QST block, resulting in a modern, pixel-like quilt.

QST Rainbow Quilt by Leila Gardunia

This quilt shows how the QST block can bring a burst of colors to your project. Arranging blocks of the same size creates a vibrant composition in a rainbow of colors.

Modern Patterns for Quilts Using a Flying Geese Block

The flying geese block is a fundamental quilt block that opens up a world of design possibilities. Keep it simple with straightforward compositions or dive into more intricate patterns for quilts where the block might not be immediately noticeable. Check out our tips and tricks on how to make flying geese block 4 different ways!

Flying Goslings Quilt by Designed to Quilt

The Flying Goslings by Designed to Quilt (Free Pattern)

Ula designed this cute flying geese quilt when her son was born, so it is a baby size. Pieced just from flying geese quilt blocks it comes together really fast and is simple enough to be made in various colors and print combinations. A great choice to master the flying geese block!

Stellar Flare Quilt Pattern by Cotton and Joy

Stellar Flare Quilt Pattern by Cotton and Joy

You might not see it at first, but this star quilt is pieced almost entirely from flying geese blocks. The sashings create those plus signs among the star blocks. Whether you go for solids or dig into your scraps, the clean, modern shapes will give you a bold and impressive result.

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern by DWQuilt

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern by DWQuilt

Here, you can easily spot the main building block. Pairs of rotated flying geese blocks come together to create a vibrant composition. I love the color choice—it gives off a pop art vibe. The mix of bold, vivid colors with black creates a super modern look.

Hello, Geese! Quilt Pattern by Leila Gardunia

Hello, Geese! Quilt Pattern by Leila Gardunia

This fun quilt pattern teaches you how to perfect the flying geese blocks in various sizes. The arrangement of vertically stacked blocks, going from smaller to larger or the other way around, adds a dynamic touch to the design. You can play around with any color combos as long as you maintain enough contrast between the triangles and the background.

Ombre Flying Geese by Quilt Around The Clock

Ombre Flying Geese by Quilt Around The Clock

This is another one of those simple patterns for quilts that make a huge impact. The smart arrangement of the same block creates a clean and modern design.

Dancing Geese Quilt Pattern by Alex Ti La Li La

Dancing Geese Quilt Pattern by Alex Ti La Li La

I’m really into the playful vibe of this funky pattern. It’s filled with flying geese blocks, all the same size, forming a dynamic composition. Alexandra recommends some great color combinations for a bold and modern result!

Kensington Quilt Pattern by This Mountain Life

Kensington Quilt Pattern by This Mountain Life

This pattern is inspired by the Kensington Museum, and it’s all about simplicity meeting high visual impact. The repeating blocks create a simple yet bold geometric design.

Looking for some inspiration on how to create awesome patterns for quilts from basic quilt blocks? Learn how to make easy quilt blocks that only look hard!

Eye-Catching Traditional Quilt patterns

When I say traditional quilt patterns, I’m referring to those timeless patterns for quilts that have been around for ages. Like the Lone Star or the Irish Chain quilt pattern – they’re pieced from specific blocks to create a distinct look. If you’re keen on diving into the world of classic quilt blocks, Ula has put together a great overview of traditional quilt blocks. She breaks down each block with a tutorial and even shares a pattern idea. Below I’ve gathered some cool ideas on different traditional quilt patterns, so you can pick your favorite, and let it be your next quilting adventure!

Contemporary Ideas For the Ohio Star Quilt Patterns

Ohio Star Quilt by Beckys Quilt Designs

Ohio Star Quilt by Beckys Quilt Designs

This is a great example of a simple Ohio Star quilt pieced from the same block with sashing added. A great pattern choice if you want to practice the Ohio Star block!

Emilie Quilt Pattern by The Stitch Salon

Emilie Quilt Pattern by The Stitch Salon

Like the one before, this pattern uses blocks of the same size in vibrant yet calming colors. If you want to make a bigger quilt top, you can always add a quilt border. To make the calculations easier, you can use our free quilt border calculator.

Block Star Quilt Pattern by Missouri Star

Block Star by Missouri Star  

Unlike the previous examples, this one might not appear like the typical Ohio Star quilt, but guess what? It is! The clever mix of colors completely transforms the final look. In this version, all the inner parts are crafted from the same fabric.

Learn more about the Ohio Star quilt block and patterns!

Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

Vintage Log Cabin Quilt Pattern by Helen Philipps Designs

Vintage Log Cabin Quilt Pattern by Helen Philipps Designs

Here’s a simple log cabin quilt pattern, featuring the classic log cabin block that gives it a distinct look. The use of same-sized blocks creates a simple design. The choice of calm and tender fabrics makes it a lovely option for a baby quilt.

Desert Cabin Quilt Pattern by Yellow Tree House

Desert Cabin Quilt by Yellow Tree House

This is one of the patterns for quilts that takes the traditional design to modern—it adds a cool twist. The symmetry gives it a bold visual appeal.

Cabin Nights Quilt by Prairie Quilt Co

Cabin Nights Quilt Pattern By Prarie Quilt Co

I’m loving the modern vibe of this quilt. It’s not just the colors; the fusion of three classic blocks into one makes it really stand out—such a bold result!

Get more ideas for Log Cabin patterns for quilts modern quilters will love!

Bold Lone Star Patterns for quilts

The Lone Star quilt pattern, also known as a Lone Starburst or Texas Star quilt pattern, is a traditional quilting design that is characterized by a central 8-point star motif. If you want to know more about this pattern, read our post on Lone Star quilts!

Little Lone Star by Patty Handmade

Little Lone Star by Patty Handmade

Here’s a simple example of a Lone Star quilt pattern, creating an 8-point star. The striking central design makes a powerful visual statement, so feel free to get creative with your color choices. If you need some help, we have some tips for color schemes that are bound to impress.

Classic Lone Star Quilt by Blue Jacaranda

Classic Lone Star Quilt by Blue Jacaranda

Going with only two colors in this quilt makes a bold visual statement. The central composition and contrasting colors create a dynamic illusion. If you’re into optical illusions, this one’s for you!

Expanding Stars by Quilty Love

Expanding Stars by Quilty Love

If you’re keen on making a Lone Star quilt but you’re a beginner or just want to keep it simple without intricate piecing, this pattern might be just right for you. It’s made using only half-square triangles, so even though it’s not your typical Lone Star quilt, it still has a similar feel.

Browse more modern Lone Star quilt patterns!

Simple Pinwheel Patterns for Quilts

Fat Quarter Ferris Wheel Free Quilt Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop (quilt by Flamingo Toes)

Fat Quarter Ferris Wheel Free Quilt Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop (quilt by Flamingo Toes) (Free Pattern)

Do you notice how this quilt top is made from just two different blocks? I really admire how boldly Bev from Flamingo Toes chose her fabrics. The black and white wheels really pop against the colorful background. It gives the whole thing a cool, modern vibe!

Whirlwind Quilt by Sew Can She

Whirlwind Quilt by Sew Can She (Free Pattern)

This quilt pattern is great for beginners, using large whirlwind blocks repeated throughout. The generously sized blocks give the quilt a cool, modern, and geometric feel. Just follow the template to put it together. It’s also fat-quarter-friendly!

Want to learn more about the pinwheel patterns for quilts? Read our article on different pinwheel blocks and learn how to make a simple pinwheel quilt!

Bear Paw Quilt Pattern Turned Modern

Bear Camp Quilt Pattern by Prairie Quilt Co

Bear Camp Quilt Pattern by Prairie Quilt Co

This pattern puts a cool modern twist on the classic bear paw quilt block by incorporating elements from the log cabin and the old maid’s puzzle block. The choice of bold, vibrant colors really makes it pop! A real eye-catcher!

Bear Paw Quilt by Slightly Biased

Bear Paw Quilt by Slightly Biased

This quilt top features a playful mix of bear claw blocks in two sizes. The random arrangement of blocks creates a dynamic look. Whether you go for a two-color scheme, use various colors, or opt for a scrappy version, the end result is sure to leave an impression.

Prairie Tracks Quilt by Cotton and Joy

Prairie Tracks Quilt Pattern by Cotton and Joy

I really like how Fran arranged four bear paws to create a tulip. Depending on the colors you choose, you can bring in some spring vibes with bright and vivid hues. Or go for a more wintry feel with blue, grey, and white tones, giving off the impression of snowflakes. Read our tips on how to choose colors that always work!

Discover more about the Bear paw quilt block, its variations, and even more awesome ideas for quilt patterns!

The Yellow Brick Road Quilt Patterns

The Sleepover Quilt by Simple Simon & Co

The Sleepover Quilt – A Free Pattern by Simple Simon & Company (Free Pattern)
Patterns for quilts depicting the Yellow Brick Road typically stick to shades of yellow, but this pattern puts a cool modern spin on things. Feel free to pick any color combination you like—just make sure the rectangles are sewn like bricks with no two corners meeting, and you’ll still capture the essence of the Yellow Brick Road concept.

Learn more about the Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern!

Irish Chain Quilt Pattern – Modern Variations

Nine Patch Irish Chain Quilt by Sew Can She

Nine Patch Irish Chain Quilt by Sew Can She (Free Pattern)

I’m really into Caroline’s modern take on the classic Irish chain quilt. She added scaled segments to the basic square chain, giving the pattern a more dynamic and layered look. At first glance, you might not even realize that this quilt top is made from just one block with sashing. As I mentioned earlier, Irish chain patterns often use strip piecing, which makes the piecing process a lot faster!

Scrappy Irish Chain by Jessie Fincham

Scrappy Irish Chain by Jessie Fincham (Free Pattern)

I’m a fan of this vibrant quilt made from scraps, forming a large-scale Irish chain pattern. Piecing it together with small squares gives the chain a pixelated look, which adds to its charm.

Other Traditional Quilt Patterns

Here are two other patterns for quilts that play with traditional blocks and designs.

Kitchen Sink Quilt by Sew Can She

Kitchen Sink Quilt by Sew Can She (Free Pattern)

This pattern is made from traditional blocks but with a modern twist. It features 10 different traditional blocks. It’s an awesome way to learn and practice (and show off) these 10 classic blocks all in one quilt!

Broken Dishes by Purl Soho

Broken Dishes Baby Quilt by Purl Soho (Free Pattern)

Here’s a modern take on the traditional broken dishes quilt pattern. Colorful quarter-square triangle blocks are scattered randomly across the quilt top. Most of the blocks sport neutral black and brown tones, allowing the occasional red and blue triangles to really pop. The calm and neutral color palette, like this one, makes it an ideal choice for a baby quilt too.

Adorable Baby Patterns for Quilts

Of course, any of the patterns for quilts we share here can be a baby quilt if made in a baby quilt size. But here are some patterns that I think would be particularly cute for a baby!

Strip and Flip Baby Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew

Strip and Flip Baby Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew (Free Pattern)

As the name says, this quilt top is made with stripes of the same width. Then, one part is cut off and flipped, adding a cool twist to the design. I love patterns for quilts that give you the freedom to get creative! Play around with different colors and prints – you can arrange them in a rainbow or pick your favorite shades. If you’re making a classic baby quilt, go for blues or pinks. For a more modern look, choose any color you like.

Simple Hearts Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew

Simple Hearts Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew (Free Pattern)

When a baby is born, it’s all about love. And that’s exactly what this pattern is about. It’s a cute baby quilt pieced together from blocks of hearts, making it a very personal and heartfelt gift!

Playtime Quilt by Quilters Candy

Playtime Quilt by Quilters Candy (Free Pattern)

Talk about patterns for quilts with a twist! I really adore this soft, vibrant, and sweet quilt—a perfect pick for welcoming a newborn. Its simple design gives a calm vibe, and those twisted stripes add a playful touch, just like a newborn. The cool thing is it’s precut-friendly, soyou can even use pre-made colorful strips. Elizabeth has a great tutorial, guiding you through the whole process step by step.

Sail Quilt Pattern by Homemade Emily Jane

Sail Quilt Pattern by Homemade Emily Jane
Check out this baby quilt—it’s a fantastic example of a lively color scheme whether you’re searching for one for a baby girl or boy. It’s made using only half-square blocks in two sizes, making it a quick and easy project!

Browse more for more ideas of baby quilt patterns.

Holiday Quilts

Halloween Quilting Patterns

Bats Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew

Bats Quilt Pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew (Free Pattern)

I really enjoy the playful vibe of this quilt created using just one block with different orientations on the top. The bat block might seem intricate, but once you tackle the first one, the rest will come together really quickly. Plus, the end result is wonderfully minimalistic!

Ghost Party by Woolly Petals

Ghost Party by Woolly Petals

This pattern is a real Halloween hit, and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a super catchy design. Made from squares, it’s a great way to use up your stash, and the best part is you get to decide if the ghosts will look scary or nice. So adorable!

Spooky Schoolhouse Great Granny Square Quilt by Polkadot Chair

Spooky Schoolhouse Great Granny Square Quilt by Polkadot Chair (Free Pattern)

You can also opt for a simple geometric pattern like this one and pick Halloween-themed fabrics. Choose shades of orange, purple, and black, mix in some whites, and you’ll have a fantastic color scheme that captures the Halloween spirit.

Browse more modern Halloween quilt pattern ideas!

geometric Christmas Patterns For Quilts

Then Came June Holly Jolly Quilt

Holly Jolly Quilt Pattern by Then Came June

I really love the contemporary and lively look of this quilt. The vibrant reds and greens make it cheerful and lively! It’s a block-based pattern, which is great for beginners. The minimalistic design of holly berries allows for a variety of color and print combinations. Just be sure to maintain enough contrast with the background fabrics. This geometric pattern is a perfect match for straight-line quilting designs.

Tree Farm Quilt Pattern By Cotton And Joy

Tree Farm Quilt Pattern by Cotton and Joy

This minimalist quilt pattern is perfect for letting your holiday creativity flow. With the simplicity of triangular tree blocks, you have plenty of options for mixing colors or choosing different prints. Take a cue from Fran and opt for calming greens, embrace the classic Christmas reds and greens, or showcase your favorite festive prints. It’s your chance to piece your own dreamy tree farm!

If you need a hand, check our post on how to choose colors for quilts and discover some great examples of color schemes for modern quilters.

Gift Wrap Quilt Pattern by Designed to Quilt

Gift Wrap by Designed to Quilt

The holidays are all about giving, and we’ve created this Gift Wrap pattern with simplicity and fun in mind. The gift blocks are crafted using an improv technique, allowing your creativity to take the lead over precision. Plus, it’s precut-friendly, saving you time on cutting. Just choose your favorite holiday colors and prints, relax, and enjoy sewing!

This pattern also comes with a matching Christmas tree skirt and a Christmas table runner. You can put together an entire collection of Christmas quilts for your home!

Scrappy Triangle Quilt – The Christmas One By Quilty Love

Scrappy Triangle Quilt – The Christmas One By Quilty Love (Free Pattern)

If you’re searching for simple geometric patterns for quilts to showcase your favorite Christmas prints, and color combos, or to make use of your scraps, this pattern is an excellent choice. Piecing together same-sized triangles creates a clean and modern look.

Get more ideas on Christmas patterns for quilts!

Seasonal Quilt Patterns

Winter Quilting Patterns

Easy Winter Tree Quilt Pattern by Sew Can She

Easy Winter Tree Quilt Pattern by Sew Can She (Free Pattern)

Create your own adorable winter tree scene! The simple tree shapes make it an excellent option for any modern quilter. Go for shades of green for a Christmas feel, or use up your fabric scraps to craft a colorful forest!

Celtic Snowflake Quilt Pattern by Madison Rose Quilting

Celtic Snowflake Quilt Pattern by Madison Rose Quilting

What screams winter more than a snowflake, right? Amber from Madison Rose Quilting came up with a fantastic design by using Irish Chain blocks and turning them into a snowflake. The pattern involves strip piecing, which can seriously speed up putting together your quilt top! Opt for two contrasting colors in a winter palette for that authentic wintry look!

Beautiful Patterns for Quilts to Make in Spring

Copihue Quilt Pattern by Cotton and Joy

Copihue Quilt Pattern by Cotton and Joy

Copihue is the national flower of Chile, and Fran from Cotton and Joy happens to be from Chile. She drew inspiration from the bell shape of this beautiful flower, playing around with rotating the block to create a clean, modern pattern. If you go for bright, vivid hues like Fran did, you’ll surely capture those lively spring vibes.

Hello Spring by Pen And Papers Patterns

Hello Spring by Pen And Papers Patterns

I adore the playfulness and liveliness that this pattern brings. Piecing together two blocks – a flower and a ladybug – creates a lively composition for the quilt top. Opt for bright spring colors to enhance the joyful design.

Fresh Summer Quilting Patterns

Sailing Away Quilt by Sew Can She

Sailing Away Quilt by Sew Can She (Free Pattern)

If you’re into all things sea-related or need a sweet gift for someone who loves the ocean, this adorable sea-themed quilt is the perfect choice. It’s great for welcoming a summer-born baby or gifting it to sailing enthusiasts. Plus, it’s easy to make and a great way to use up fabric scraps!

Fall-Themed Quilting Patterns

Colorful Strip Pumpkin Quilt by Flamingo Toes

Colorful Strip Pumpkin Quilt by Flamingo Toes (Free Pattern)

I’m a big fan of this giant pumpkin geometric design with vertical strips of the same width. They’re actually jelly roll-sized, so you can whip it up using your favorite fall jelly roll bundle. Plus, it could be a cool pattern for Halloween too!

Tulips Bouquet Wall Hanging by Cotton and Joy

Tulips Bouquet Wall Hanging by Cotton and Joy (Free Pattern)

If you’re daydreaming about spring during winter, try making this tulip bouquet to bring some spring vibes into your home. I really love the bright and vivid colors Fran used – they definitely capture that fresh spring feeling.

Evergreen Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew

Evergreen Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew (Free Pattern)

Create your own dreamy fabric forest! The geometric tree shapes give the pattern a modern vibe. The blocks are crafted using a template, which might be a new technique for you, but don’t fret – the tutorial provides clear, step-by-step instructions to guide you through it.

Browse more fall patterns for quilts!

Colorful Rainbow Quilt Patterns

Rainbow Splash Quilt by Sew Brainy Designs

Rainbow Splash Quilt by Sew Brainy Designs
Create your own rainbow universe! This block-based pattern is a fantastic way to practice sewing curves, resulting in a vibrant and playful rainbow quilt. Mix and match colors throughout the quilt top, group them by hue, or go for an ombre version – the result will definitely be playful!

Sunshowers Quilt Pattern by Megan Collins Quilts

Sunshowers Quilt Pattern by Megan Collins Quilts

This adorable rainbow quilt will definitely inspire you to give sewing curves a shot! The pattern comes with helpful tips for sewing curves and using the foundation paper piecing technique. The simple rainbow arcs give you plenty of creative freedom to use your favorite fabrics and color your rainbow quilt.

Leila Gardunia Scrap Happy Rainbow

Scrap Happy Rainbow by Leila Gardunia
Rainbows are all about colors! This simple square quilt pattern is like a zoomed-in snapshot of the rainbow. It shows how to arrange your scraps to create a rainbow effect. The pattern is also charm precuts friendly and layer cake friendly pattern, allowing you to either use up your scraps or select your favorite rainbow shades to craft this quilt!

Rainbow Mini Quilt by Designed to Quilt

Mini Rainbow Wall Hanging by Designed to Quilt

Ula really likes rainbows, and this quilt was one of her first quilting projects. She made this small wall hanging for their hallway to greet visitors. It’s a cute and simple quilting project, making it a great afternoon activity that’s sure to lift your spirits!

Discover more rainbow quilt patterns that will make you smile!

Precuts Friendly Quilt Patterns

Patterns for quilts that use precuts can be huge time savers and are particularly great for beginner quilters. It means less cutting for you and speeds up the quilting process. If you’re new to quilting with precuts, we’ve got all the precut fabric sizes explained. You can even print out a reference card to always have it handy!

Patterns for quilts using jelly rolls

Kitchen Table Quilting Stacked Squares

Stacked Squares Quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting (Free Pattern)

This cool pattern gives the illusion of stacked squares. It’s perfect for using precuts, so grab some jelly rolls and layer cakes to save time on cutting. Plus, you can get the pattern for free when you subscribe to the Kitchen Table Quilting newsletter.

Underlined Quilt Pattern by Designed to Quilt

Underlined Quilt Pattern by Designed to Quilt (Free Pattern)

Ula came up with this design while she was on maternity leave with her son. It was inspired by this cool striped graphic we both liked. She cleverly tweaked the pattern to make it jelly roll friendly, and I can’t forget how fast it came together when I was sewing it for the first time. It’s easy to make and really eye-catching. Yep, I’m one of the biggest fans of our pattern, haha.

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Patterns for Quilts Made with Charm Packs

Zig Zag Quilt Pattern by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Zig Zag Quilt Pattern by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom (Free Pattern)

Check out this cool zig-zag pattern – it’s easy and comes together super quick, especially if you use a charm pack. The whole quilt top is made with 5” squares. The zig-zag design is bold, so you can have fun with different colors. Just make sure there’s enough contrast with the background so the design really stands out. The two-color version is a must-try for any modern quilter!

Spinning Top Quilt by Tilda

Spinning Top Quilt by Tilda (Free Pattern)

I love the simplicity and boldness of this striped pattern. The large horizontal surfaces create a strong visual impact and provide ample creative space to showcase your quilting skills. The design of this quilt is impressive, especially the way it combines various quilting designs on the stripes, adding a fresh layer of texture. It’s a genuinely modern quilt!

Watercolor Quilt by Purl Soho

Watercolor Quilt by Purl Soho (Free Pattern)

Literally a stripy quilt. Using stripes of the same size gives it a fresh and modern look. The pattern lets you get creative with colors. You can go for a classic two-color striped quilt or mix it up with various colors – the choice is yours! And here’s a cool idea: consider a funky binding. I really like what they did at Purl Soho, picking this neon yellow fabric! Show off your quilt binding skills with perfect mitered corners.

Fat Quarter Friendly Patterns

Fat Quarter Fancy Star Quilt by Sew Can She

Fat Quarter Fancy Star Quilt by Sew Can She (Free Pattern)

This pattern is a precut star! It is assembled quickly because it’s fat quarter-friendly. Also, being pieced with only squares and half-square triangles, it’s beginner-friendly. The pattern leaves room for creativity—opt for the basic version to create a center star with an outer glow feel, or switch up the block orientation to fill your quilt top with even more stars.

First Aid Quilt by Simple Simon & Co.

First Aid Quilt by Simple Simon & Co. (Free Pattern)

This simple quilt pattern lets you highlight your favorite fat quarter fabrics on its large surfaces. Just make sure to use a contrasting background for the blocks, and the plus shapes will really stand out.

Blakely Quilt Pattern by Then Came June

Blakely Quilt Pattern by Then Came June

I love the modern vibe of this minimalistic stripy quilt pattern, inspired by watercolor strokes. It’s available in six different sizes, and all of them work well with fat quarters!

Blessing Quilt Pattern by Homemade Emily Jane

Blessings Quilt Pattern by Homemade Emily Jane

This colorful geometric pattern is not only fat quarter-friendly but also uses the same-sized flying geese blocks, making it even quicker to piece. Learn how to make 4 flying geese blocks at a time!

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Layer Cake Quilt Patterns

Peaches & Cream Quilt by Simple Simon & Co.

Peaches & Cream Quilt by Simple Simon & Co.

This is one of the basic layer cake quilt patterns that is created using a one one-block design. Layer cakes are cut into three pieces and then mixing and matching them with added sashings. The final outcome is a true minimalist quilt!

Layer Cake Lemonade by Fat Quarter Shop (quilt by During Quiet Time)

Layer Cake Lemonade by Fat Quarter Shop (quilt by During Quiet Time)  (Free Pattern) 

Got a really cute layer cake bundle you’re excited about? This pattern is perfect for showing it off! Pieced from layer cake squares and rectangles (squares cut in half), this layer cake friendly pattern comes together quickly and turns into an impressive showcase of your bundle!

Spring Picnic Quilt by It’s Only Fabric and Thread

Spring Picnic Quilt by It’s Only Fabric and Thread

I love this vivid quilt pattern! It’s pieced from layer cake solids and 5” white squares, added for the background. Simple to make and the result is stunning!

Discover more ideas for layer cake quilt patterns!

Fun Scrappy quilts

Scrappy Granny Squares Quilt Pattern by Quilty Love

Scrappy Granny Squares Quilt Pattern by Quilty Love (Free Pattern)

The classic Granny Squares pattern is great for all kinds of scraps – use leftover jelly roll strips, fat eighths, fat quarters, or just go through your scrap stash. Simple to make and with high visual impact.

Free Scrap Quilt Patterns: Quilty Love

Scrap Stash Plus Quilt by Quilty Love

Emily came up with another beautiful pattern to help you use up your scraps. The quilt top is made up of minimalistic yet bold plus blocks. Their simple shape is strong enough to handle various colors and prints. It’s a fantastic example of how you can arrange scraps to create a colorway that forms a vibrant rainbow palette. Check our tips on how to arrange colors that always work.

Use Your Oddly-Shaped Scraps With This Free Quilt Pattern By Plains And Pine via Quilters Candy

Use Your Oddly-Shaped Scraps With This Free Quilt Pattern By Plains And Pine via Quilters Candy (Free Pattern)

I love the idea of using your scraps Lindlee from Plain and Pine came up with. She created this giant star pieced by scraps of any shape. Whether you go for a bunch of colors or different prints to piece the star, the large surface of the star ends up creating a bold shape that gives off a modern vibe. Star quilts are Lindlee’s specialty, so if you’re on the lookout for some, definitely check out her blog with star quilts!

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Contemporary quilt patterns for minimalist quilters

Herringbone quilt top with hand

Herringbone Quilt by Designed to Quilt (Free Pattern)

I wasn’t sure which category to put this pattern in. It fits in so many! It’s precut-friendly (it uses HSTs only and you can make those with pretty much all the precuts, except the stripey ones). It’s got a super minimalist and modern vibe. But at the same time, it uses the traditional herringbone layout. And have I mentioned it’s a free pattern? You’ve got to make one!

Little Bits Quilt by Purl Soho

Little Bits Quilt by Purl Soho (Free Pattern)

Little Bits Quilt is one of those patterns for quilts that has a true minimalist vibe. It’s mostly whole cloth with a pop of color added in. As they put it over at Purl Soho, those colorful bits are like a line of music or a flock of birds in a wide-open sky. It’s easy to put together, making it perfect for beginners, and a fantastic pick for anyone who loves minimalist style!

Corners Quilt Pattern by Sky Clad Quilts

Corners Quilt Pattern by Sky Clad Quilts

I love the simplicity yet boldness of this quilt pattern. Its symmetrical stripy composition is a real eye-catcher. When using an ombre colorway, like the one in the photo, I like the impression of angles fading out towards the quilt border.

The HI! Quilt by The Blanket Statement

The HI! Quilt by The Blanket Statement (Free Pattern)

Erin from The Blanket Statement came up with this pattern during the lockdown when she was missing those in-person hangouts with friends. She designed this free pattern as a virtual way to say hello. It’s pieced together from stripes, making it an easy project that looks great in any color scheme. Whether you go for a two-colored quilt or opt for a vibrant rainbow like the version she made, it’s a fantastic choice. This pattern is a lovely idea for a welcome gift, perfect for celebrating a new baby or a housewarming party. You can even use it as a cool wall hanging!

Deep Diving Quilt by Designed to Quilt

Deep Diving Quilt by Designed to Quilt

This pattern is super special for us because it is the very first DTQ pattern. With its large shapes and geometric lines it’s the perfect choice for all minimalists. It’s very quick-to-make making it a great choice for a last-minute gift. Its eye-catching design will keep the little one amused while cuddling or playing.

Get inspired by more modern patterns for quilts and discover ideas for modern strip quilts!

Outdoor and Nature Inspired Quilt Patterns

Whether you’re making a quilt for a nature lover or you’re a nature lover yourself, you’re going to love these patterns for quilts with outdoorsy vibes!

Mountain Quilt Patterns

Deep Diving Quilt by Designed to Quilt

Ridges quilt pattern by Bookends Quilting

This simple and minimalistic pattern beautifully captures the grandeur of mountain ridges. The various shades of blue create depth and a visual 3D effect to convey perspective. The large color blocks make the design bold and modern.

Ridges Quilt Pattern by Bookends Quilting

Mountain Horizon Quilt Pattern by Lo and Behold Stitchery

This pattern features repetitive blocks inspired by the way the sun moves throughout the day, creating the vibrant colors of sunrise and sunset on a mountain range. The repetitive block elements form an eye-catching and modern quilt design!

Mountain Horizont Quilt Pattern by Lo and Behold Stitchery

Pathways Quilt Pattern by Pacific Spirit Quilts

This large-scale quilt pattern features abstract elements reminiscent of paths, experiences, and the ups and downs encountered in the mountains—serving as a metaphor for life’s journey. In fact, it was Lorna’s own life experiences that inspired her to create this modern quilt design.

Get more mountain quilt pattern ideas!

Pathways Quilt Pattern

Coastal Quilt Pattern by Sky Clad Quilts

If you share my love for the water and the sea, you’ll instantly connect with the joy this quilt brings. Its simple shapes beautifully capture the limitless possibilities of the sea horizon. The large surfaces also provide an excellent canvas to experiment with various quilting patterns. You can try some simple straight line designs.

Balance Quilt by Sky Clad Quilts

Balance Quilt by Sky Clad Quilts

I came across another fantastic design by Nina from Sky Clad Quilts that really grabbed my attention. I adore the simplicity and the impactful nature of this striped quilt representing the cycle of day and night. It’s easy to put together but definitely makes a bold statement!

Quilt With Birds And Hearts by White Plains Quilt

Love Birds Quilt By White Plains Quilt

This lovely quilt top with birds and hearts creates a delightful pattern, perfect for those seeking a heartwarming and love-filled design. The symbols of birds spreading love make it an excellent choice for gifting to newborns.

Toucan Quilt By Quilt Patterns
Toucan Quilt By Quilt Patterns

Toucan Quilt By Quilt Patterns

I really appreciate the confident vibe that the pattern’s geometry gives off. The modern quilt design features toucans pieced from simple shapes and vibrant colors, making them easily recognizable.

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