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4th of July Mini Quilt Free

4th of July Mini Quilt Free is our gift for the holiday that is a very important date for all of us, as it celebrates the country’s Independence Day. The national holiday is celebrated with much pride, many festivities, and various traditions.

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4th of July Mini Quilt Free

4th of July Mini Quilt Free
4th of July Mini Quilt Free

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Do you know the history behind the famous holiday and how it is celebrated every year? Cultura Inglesa has compiled everything you need to know about the date, its origin and celebration rites. Check it out!


On July 4th the United States Declaration of Independence of 1776 is commemorated, when the Thirteen Colonies declared their separation from the British Empire. However the date only became an official national holiday in 1941.

Written by Thomas Jefferson and revised by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, the Declaration of Independence made it possible for the Americans to become a free country. Therefore, on July 4th the whole country celebrates independence with many festivities and traditions…

Impact on American culture

The Fourth of July is one of the most anticipated commemorative dates for Americans. The festivities are marked by parades, sporting events, fireworks, lots of food, and gatherings of family and friends from all parts of the country.

The American population is very patriotic and highly values this date, as it is one of the most important on their calendar. Therefore, patriotic actions take place throughout the holiday to celebrate history and traditions.


The holiday is marked by typically American traditions and has a great influence on American culture in general, after all it is common for us to consume content such as series and movies that always portray this very important date and its celebrations, right? Check out the main traditions of the holiday:


In several cities around the country it is common to see civilian and military parades celebrating the independence and remembering the history of the country and the people who achieved the dream of leaving the British colony.

Typical foods

One of the most common holiday traditions is the gathering of friends and family to eat the country’s typical foods, such as the famous barbecue, hot dogs, fried chicken, hamburgers, and potato salad.

People enjoy eating outdoors, like in parks. Surely you have seen a similar scene in a movie, right?


A patriotic custom of the population is to spread the country’s flag everywhere. Houses and stores are completely decorated with the colors blue, white and red, as are the people themselves.

Another famous and beautiful tradition is the burning of fireworks at tourist sites, such as the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This pattern is here in accuquilt.com

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