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Birds in the Forest quilt pattern free

Birds in the Forest Designed by Bev Getschel is a wonderful pattern that you can do to decorate your home or your bedroom, in fact you can do whatever you want with the pattern you are doing, either to decorate your home or your bedroom, or to sell and complement your income.

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Birds in the Forest by Bev Getschel

Birds in the Forest
Birds in the Forest Birds in the Forest by Bev Getschel – freepatterns.com

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Birds in the Forest Designed Bev Getschel was published in October 2009 in Quilter’s World Magazine a very prestigious magazine that has always shown beautiful quilt patterns. Well now let’s talk about our standard?

Birds in the Forest brings the inspiration of pine trees made in parts with the fabric prints that perfectly match the pattern theme. I can even say that Bev Getschel was really inspired to make this beautiful pattern.

Looking at the image above we see that the pattern fits as follows: fabrics cut at triangles to make the foliage of trees and other cuts at precisely cut angles simulating the trunks of trees. Combine piecing, appliqué and fabric folding  to create a warm and comfortable flannel quilt.

Birds in the Forest
Birds in the Forest Birds in the Forest by Bev Getschel – freepatterns.com

Works like these need precision, dedication and time. And we can see that Quilter Bev Getschel was very attentive to these points and this clearly shows how much the marriage of colors she chose. THIS PATTERN IS IN freepatterns.com.

So let’s go to the next detail. The back she used a plain color fabric that matches in the closing of the prints and this is an important detail to take into account everything that can leave as beautiful as possible.

When choosing one, we must pay attention to make sure it matches the style and colors of the bedroom. If the room is decorated in neutral colors, Quilt can be used to color the environment a little more. When printing pattern pieces check to make sure your print settings are set to print at 100 percent and page scaling displays “None.”

Many people worry about putting the set of sheets and Quilt the same. This is only important if you are in the habit of leaving parts of the sheet in sight when the bed is arranged with Quilt. If this is not the case, the sheets will not be seen when Quilt is in bed and therefore do not have to match and are not the same.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

Another important factor with respect to sheet sizes is the height of the mattress. There are sheets made with foam mattresses and others to be used with spring mattresses.
Among those made for spring mattresses there are still several heights available on the market, so measure the height of your mattress before buying the sheets to be used on it.

There are several types of quilts made from various types of fabrics, such as microfiber, cotton, knitwear, thread, satin and silk, cushioned, quilted, with linings and without linings.
Regardless of the type of fabric you choose, always give preference to those that are 100% of the same material. Usually fabrics that mix materials in their manufacture create little balls and get rough over time.

Birds in the Forest
Birds in the Forest

We hope you enjoyed this wonderful pattern and that in case you can download it from the button above, click and download your PDF for free. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PATTERN0

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