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Block Quilt Glorified Nine Patch Free

Block Quilt Glorified Nine Patch Free is a very interesting block, but I really don’t know the answer and I don’t understand exactly why the name of the block is Glorified Nine Patch, but what I can say for sure is that the block is wonderful.

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Block Quilt Glorified Nine Patch

  Glorified Nine Patch
Glorified Nine Patch

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One thing that I find very interesting about this pattern is that the ends of the patches are cut in half-moons in equal directions to the sides, so much so that from what I observed when looking for more about this pattern most designers or quilters like to make this block quilt circled.

Particularly I find it very beautiful, but what I really like is that I can work with it, we can work it the way we like, it gives space for that, in fact the pattern itself if we leave the blocks together well glued the sides together form a circle practically.

How did I try to do it?

To this block the designer quilt enlarged the templates approximately at 141% so that the finished size is a 12″ block. That’s the measurement between the small dots (see the arrows below). Also, check the measurement corner to corner for square.

If not correct, fold the template in half to check that it is the same on both sides. Redraw if necessary, rechecking all measurements. And don’t worry that the seam allowance is closer to 3/8″ than 1/4″. Consider it insurance!

Cut the 4 corner squares at 5 5/8″; the 4 rectangles at 2 7/8″ x 5 5/8″; and the middle square 2 7/8″. As you can see, my 9-patch is a bit bigger than 12 1/2″, allowing some fudge room! See the image:

Block Quilt Glorified Nine Patch
Block Quilt Glorified Nine Patch

My Grandmother is long since deceased, so I can’t ask her. My uncle had the top stored in a closet or somewhere since Grandma’s death. I finally¬†EARNED¬†it by quilting a different top for him for free. I have quilted and finished the quilt and it is a scrappy, stunning, heartfelt, heirloom that I am giving to my Mom for Christmas.

My Mom didn’t get any of Grandma’s quilts because my Uncle sold the finished ones and kept the rest. So I’m hoping that this means as much to Mom as it means to me to be able to give it to her.

It would really be cool to be able to tell her the name of the block also. This block pattern is by accuquilt.com.

I really hope you enjoyed this Block Quilt Glorified Nine Patch Pattern, and as you have noticed you can do many different kinds of work and what you can actually do is change the colors you can use, for example printed fabrics, unique colors, dual tone or other that really looks beautiful according to your taste.

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