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Blue Kashmir Quilt and Read Kashmir Quilt designed by Jinny Beyer, The Pattern is available for free. This blue kashmir quilt pattern is perfect for anyone who loves the rustic, farmhouse look it’s simple to stitch and looks great in any room.

Blue Kashmir Quilt

Blue Kashmir Quilt
Blue Kashmir Quilt


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Kashmir incorporates fabrics with lush patterns and colors. The quilt is a log cabin variation that glows like a stained glass window.
The quilt is constructed using paper foundations and border print patches cut using templates. The borders are mitered using Jinny’s no-math method. Finishes 82″ square.
Blue Kashmir Quilt
Red Kashmir Quilt
And after you know this wonderful pattern just take into consideration where you want to use it, either in your room as a nice comforter, or in the living room as a comfortable and warm blanket to stay on your couch and read a good book, or you can still apply it in your home decor even as a panel, of course depending on the fabrics and colors chosen.
The choice of fabric for this pattern is something primordial that you must take into consideration so that it is simply sensational. something that draws enough attention is that this pattern you can replicate it or you can choose fabrics which are very difficult to be replicated making the same pattern but the unique model in their colors and fabrics. Choice your fabrics here: FABRICS
Collored Kashmir Quilt
Collored Kashmir Quilt – The fabrics are important, so choice your favorit colours
We hope you enjoyed this article and the presentation of this pattern, you can download the PDF below and receive it in your e-mail.

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