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Chevron Flowers Free Pattern

Chevron Flowers Free Pattern is a wonderful pattern that you can easily do even in quarantine times that we are all going through all over the world. For women like us and men who work at home until we go through this quarantine of the CONVID-19 will even help us pass this pestilence worldwide.

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Well let’s go back to our Chevron Flowers Free Pattern quilt which is better. This pattern is very colourful and beautiful to look at, which we can use as a bedspread for our bed or a wonderful blanket or turn into a beautiful sofa lining or daddy’s lounge chair.

Chevron Flowers Free Pattern

Chevron Flowers Free Pattern 2 633x650 1
Chevron Flowers Free Pattern

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So let’s talk about that pattern a little bit now. To start with it was created by Riley Blake Designs who sincerely love this pattern and I still haven’t seen in our groups that we participate one of this kind, actually this model exactly speaking.

The flowers in its squares making shades over shades with small repeated parts and the flowers with very cheerful colors, some dark others lighter and still other combinations that you can create with the colors of your taste, and of course make the size you want most for your home.

The idea of this pattern is you do it according to your house or your room, or your house this depends a lot on how you can give it to you with the colors and decoration of your house.

Chevron Flowers Free Pattern
Chevron Flowers Free Pattern

That said it is time to know what materials you will need to make this pattern, so be prepared, as this will make you want to do. Another important detail that you can download this pattern for free here at the end of the article.


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Flower Petals

– 12 Fat Quarters – Medium Chevrons
– 8 – Fat Quarters – Solids (to coordinate with Chevron colors)
– Flower Backgrounds – 12 Fat Quarters – Small Dots
– Flower Centers – 1 Fat Quarter – Yellow Medium Dots
– Sashing / Border – 1 1/2 yards
– Back – 4 yards


Please read instructions first before cutting. Seam allowances vary so measure through the center of the kilt before cutting border pieces.
Strips are cut selvage to selvage.

Chevron Flowers Free Pattern
Chevron Flowers Free Pattern

1. Flower Petals – Make a template of the flower petal shape using plastic template.

a. Chevrons – Mark chevron lines on template.

Fussy cut 6 flower petals from fat quarter, making sure that each petal has the same pattern.

Repeat to make 12 sets of 6 flower petals.

b. Solids

Cut 6 flower petals from 6 of the 9 solid fat quarters (including lavender).
Cut 12 flower petals from the remaining 3 solid fat quarters.

*Note: Cut carefully and follow diagram below.
*Note: 2 flower centers will be cut from remnants of the lavender solid fat quarter later on.

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