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Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern

Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern this pattern is not ours but Design Tracey Russell’s site www.apqs.com is the first time I saw this site that was indicated by a friend in a facebook group. I hope that this pattern we found on this site is really of your taste. So let’s run to talk about this beautiful pattern.

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Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern

Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern
Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern

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Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern by Tracey Russell added two borders that nicely frame the blocks and provide another pop of color. As a longarm quilter, she knows how helpful it is to have outer borders that lay flat.

To help keep the quilt square and prevent the borders from waving, Tracey recommends cutting the outer border along the lengthwise grain of the fabric (parallel to the selvage.) It does mean you’ll need some extra fabric so that the border doesn’t have to be pieced. But if you’ve ever been disappointed by distorted or wavy borders on your quilt, you’ll find it’s well worth the extra yardage!

She used Fantastico thread by Superior Threads, along with Hobbs heirloom washable wool batting. The variegated thread sets off the fabric colors, and the extra loft the wool batting provides really makes the quilting pattern pop.

Now talking about the Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern from my point of view. I always like to give my opinion about the patterns I find on the internet or that some friend of mine makes, in this case until the fact of giving my opinion about this beautiful pattern I particularly almost didn’t know what to write, the reason?

Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern
Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern

I love the color blue and how it blends well with other colors, for example orange, yellow and white are wonderful colors that marry perfectly in any kind of pattern with the color blue.

Now we are going to give you some reasons why you should make this pattern and leave it at home, whether for personal use or to decorate the Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern:

1) It is the favorite color of 45% of people in the world, it has 111 different shades named, besides being associated with calm, sympathy, harmony and fidelity. We are talking about BLUE, the most popular color in all civilizations.

2) According to studies, the color blue is preferred by 45% of the people in the world. Only 1% of men and 2% of women do not like blue. It is the shade that causes the least aversion in most cultures;

3) Want to lose weight? Put your food on a blue plate. It suppresses the appetite;

4) Lobsters, crabs and octopuses have blue blood because they have hemocyanin, a copper-rich respiratory pigment that gives this hue;

5) Studies show that weightlifters bear more weight in blue gyms;

6) Blue calms, so people who have headaches may feel better after staring at the color;

Do you want more reasons to download Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern and make this pattern right now? Look closely at the two images of the pattern. Look at it for 2 minutes and then tell us what you felt. I did that and was very peaceful.

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Download pattern here apqs.com  or if you can’t Download here directly the PDF but don’t forget to make the pattern, a final tip is that this pattern has a high sales rate if you have a store.

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