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Churn Dash quilt block Free

Looking Churn Dash quilt block to show off some stunning fabrics or fussy cuts with patterns that are easy to piece and come together in no time? Sounds like you need a churn dash quilt pattern. Also sometimes called monkey wrench quilts, these patterns feature beautiful, geometric designs made with only a couple of simple shapes.

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Churn Dash quilt block

Churn Dash quilt block
Churn Dash quilt block Free

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Most churn dash quilts OR Churn Dash quilt block Freefeature a square in the center that is framed with four rectangles and for half square triangles; the variation in these matters typically comes with the density of the border around the central square. Some patterns, like the Colorful Churn Dash Quilt pattern featured below, find other ways to turn this traditional quilt design on its head by rotating the design slightly within the block.

Check out our compilation of patterns below to find the right one for your next quilt!

What is a Churn Dash Quilt

The churn dash quilt, which has several other names, is a distinctly American quilt block with a long history that stretches back to pioneer days and wagon trains.

Dating back as early as the mid-1800s, the churn dash block was created by women and girls traveling West and was inspired by everyday objects in their lives, specifically the butter churn. Churn Dash quilt block Free is good idea1

Suzy Williams and Churn Dash block

According to Suzy Williams, the churn dash design “resembled the block of the butter churn, with the center block being the stick, or ‘dash’ of the churn.” These quilts were often made with fabric scraps, and were a great way to inject a sense of comfort (the butter churn that served as a reminder of their homes in the East) as the pioneers made the dangerous journey to the American West.

You might know these quilts by a different name:

While this popular design is most commonly known as ‘churn dash’, it also goes by several other names, with ‘monkey wrench’ being a common alternative. Check out our list below to find out the other names associated with this pattern:

  • Monkey Wrench
  • Hens and Chickens
  • Lincoln’s Platform
  • Shoo Fly
  • Hole in the Barn Door
  • Fisherman’s Reel
  • Broken Plate
  • Love Knot
  • Ludlow’s Favorite
  • Quail’s Nest
  • Joan’s Doll Quilt

The Blueridge Churndash Quilt Pattern uses a medley of light blues and minty greens to create a color scheme that reminds you of a crisp mountain morning. Now you can download the complete PDF with this pattern and make the most amazing quilt with this wonderful block of quilt.
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