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Crazy Baby Quilt pattern

Crazy Baby Quilt is a quilt that brings joy and transmits the feeling of tranquility, this pattern is very suitable for girls’ rooms because of its colors and soft tones leading from a light green to 1 Pink. But this same pattern can also be changed to suit a boy’s room, i.e. a male room.

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Crazy Baby Quilt Pattern

But if you like this pattern and want to make for your room, or for your living room, or for your sofa rest you can do just by changing the colors, adapting them to your taste and the pattern of the environment you want her to stay.

Crazy Baby Quilt free pattern
Crazy Baby Quilt free pattern

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If you are going to change the colors of Crazy Baby Quilt, you must pay attention to an important detail that is always to make the combination of colors are well connected, after all there is no point in making a bedspread if the colors do not marry especially with the environment of your home. SEE ALSO: Patchwork Pillow Tutorial

From now on you should make your quilt as beautiful as possible when choosing fabrics. So when you buy your fabrics, you should already have in your head the idea of the colors formed, be it for lighter tones, darker or black tones to the extreme.

The PDF of this pattern is very detailed on how to make this quilt, this way you are free to make it according to your needs, of course it is 6 blocks, but nothing prevents you from making it with 9 blocks, or more, again we fall into the detail that, everything goes according to your needs.

Now you can download this pattern for free from the button below, remember that this pattern is not ours, but the accuquilt.

1 PDF pattern
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    • Patriot Star Table Runner it’s a paid pattern from esty.com that because it’s so beautiful we put it here. We are making a pattern of the same type, but with our face to then make available here for free, but the article you can find the link to purchase the PDF if you wish.


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