Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern this is a pattern that mixes very well the various shades of Blue. Do you like blue in your home decor? Do you like to use blue in your room, or in the things you like to do and have? Well then let us introduce to you the color Blue and this wonderful pattern.

Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern

Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern


Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern bay quiltingdigest.com

It is the favorite color of 45% of the people in the world, has 111 different shades named, and is associated with calmness, friendliness, harmony, and faithfulness. We are talking about BLUE, the most popular color in all civilizations.

Many positive aspects are attributed to blue. It symbolizes peace, spiritual fulfillment, tranquility, friendship, trust, fidelity, and integrity. This pattern is from quiltingdigest.com. The fabrich used are Indigo what are easy and beautifull to do lots quilts, pillows and other to your home.

It is also the color of all intellectual virtues: wisdom, intelligence, science, control, concentration, independence. It has the power to calm and relax people. It is related to purification, expelling negative energies, besides favoring kindness, patience, and serenity. It stimulates the search for inner truth, kindness, order, discipline. Incredible, isn’t it?

The colors you choose for your home totally influence the mood you find yourself in. Vibrant colors, for example, stimulate and refer to an agitated environment.
A darker shade of blue is a color that tends to make the environment more energetic, relaxing, and engaging, depending only on the shade chosen.

Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern
Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern by quiltingdigest.com

For a versatile environment with positive vibrations, bet on elegant and harmonious colors. With this in mind, we have prepared this content to talk about the different shades of blue and how they can contribute to your decoration.

The royal blue tone is generally pleasant. Because it is a tone accepted by most people, it is found in different environments and decoration accessories. In general, it has the ability to change the atmosphere of the environment, making it more peaceful, serene, and transmitting a sense of peace. On the other hand, royal blue also carries the stigma of being a cold color.

The color is always used in interior decoration. The main goal is to refer to the sea, in order to bring tranquility, peace, and high spirits to the place. As we saw in the previous topic, the contrast with white goes very well!

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However, it is necessary to look for a combination with classic furniture, made of wood and in light tones. Look for objects such as magnets, stickers and custom labels, and the contrasting tones with blue, sIndigo-Quilt-Instructions-high-res_2So that they combine with the decoration in a pleasant way.

Now that you have an idea of blue and more reasons than before to make this pattern don’t waste time, choose your shade of blue to make this Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern that will make your home even more beautiful.

Download pattern Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern  so is if for some reason you can’t get it, download the PDF directly here. Also a pattern that you can use in several other occasions with the for example the pinique that is a great occasion.

Easy Quilt Rich Blues Indigo PDF

Designed by Lynne Goldsworthy of lilysquilts.blogspot.com

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