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Log Cabin quilt block by Lynne Goldsworthy

Log Cabin quilt block By Lynne Goldsworthy is a wonderful pattern that has unique details in the pattern made by Quilter Lynner and also publisher. This is a wonderful pattern that you can now get to know it up close and of course download and make and have in your quilt collection. So let’s get to know this beautiful work?

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Log Cabin quilt block By Lynne Goldsworthy

Log Cabin quilt block
Log Cabin quilt block by Lynne Goldsworthy

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Before anything else is necessary to know that this wonderful standard was made or developed by Lynne Goldsworthy and her work is exposed in the gathered.how. Now that you have this in mind we can speak more openly about beautiful work with printed fabrics.

Not if you’re reading this here now, think like me, but sometimes choosing the print or the color of the fabric is the biggest difficulty that I pass, sometimes you have many options for a single idea, once no idea for the prints and colors that we have, that’s where this pattern of Lynne changes a little bit the way we can interact colors and prints and the best pattern we can do.

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Log Cabin quilt block allows us to have the most diverse ideas with the colors being that no matter how much we need to change or invent, it is necessary to have an inspiration, after all if a song is not inspired how it can sing beautiful songs?

Quilt is no different sometimes what we do or the moment we are inspired the ideas come in such a serene way that we don’t even believe it’s a fact… how many times have you done a job and thought: “I can’t believe I did this” isn’t it true?

Log Cabin quilt block
Log Cabin quilt block by Lynne Goldsworthy

I think, I repeat: “I think” that Lynne must have said it in her heart, because this wonderful work of hers has left me thinking about many other variables of what I can do. Speaking of the pattern the colors complete each other perfectly here in this kilt.

Shades of blue with other shades of brown and red was the essential for this Log Cabin quilt block is within what I call perfect work, I’m sure you agree with me.

Lynne said in her article about this pattern: “We’ve created this handy pair of foundation paper piecing patterns to help you sew up this beautiful Cabin in the Sky quilt by Lynne Goldsworthy. This quilt pattern was the star project of our supplement with issue 24 of Today’s Quilter. If you’re sewing along at home, download the free quilt patterns below.

Why foundation piece your Log Cabins quilt? These templates are especially handy if you find piecing on such a small scale fiddly.  Lynne says, “foundation piecing your blocks may take slightly longer but will give a really neat finish to these small blocks.”

Her Cabin in the Sky quilt (below) combines two classic Log Cabin blocks: the traditional Log Cabin and the Pineapple block“.

She’s used the calming blues and creams of Edyta Sitar’s Blue Sky line of fabrics (available in the UK from Andover Fabrics), brought to life by the red squares: a traditional Log Cabin centrepiece.

Well we hope you enjoyed this beautiful Log Cabin quilt block by Lynne Goldsworthy and you can download and see more details now in the link below, just click and be happy with your new pattern.

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