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Fiery Starburst quilt Free Pattern

This fiery starburst quilt from designer Kimberly Einmo from allpeoplequilt.com has all the colors of autumn. The colors are also reminiscent of citrus, making it suitable for display during other seasons as well, especially on gray days. The vibrant batik fabrics make the colors sing.

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Fiery Starburst quilt

Fiery Starburst quilt
Fiery Starburst quilt

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We can see this small quilt with a black or dark charcoal background, or, perhaps a muted neutral tan for autumn. If you’re planning to use it as a table cloth, a darker background would hide stains better than a light one would (learn more about quilts as tablecloths).

Whatever colors you choose, this is a relatively simple pattern that should go together quickly. The quilting itself can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. The pictured quilt has a lot of intricate quilting, but simpler quilting would be equally charming.

Fiery Starburst quilt is a very nice pattern that we can make using any type of printed fabric using the same style of pattern, what makes it interesting is that the star being the center of the tablecloth is the charm.

Again Fiery Starburst quilt is a type of work that you can use either for a beautiful tablecloth or you can make as a nice quilt for your bed, or you can make a wonderful table runner.

Patterns like this that let us choose what to do and how to do it to adapt it to our home are the most interesting to use in our home. So how about making this pattern for our kitchen, our bedroom, and our living room?

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You can adapt this pattern to decorate even for your Christmas dinner since many people love to make star tablecloths for Christmas. The Christmas star usually stands out at the top of the tree, but it is also common to see it in home decor, including in place of the garland, decorating the entrance door, or also as the central drawing on the tablecloth.

Although it is one of the most popular elements for Christmas decoration, few people know what it represents. Therefore, check below everything you need to know about the Christmas star, get inspired with this different model and make a Christmas star.

The meaning of the Christmas star is related to the birth of Jesus. It represents the star of Bethlehem which, according to Christian tradition, was the bright star that announced and guided the three wise men to the place of Jesus’ birth.

We can say that the main meaning of the Christmas star is the “way to go”. It is the guide of this date. A symbol for those who seek new paths in life. If that link doesn’t work for you. This pattern you can use for whatever you like and we hope you enjoyed this article, and soon we will be bringing you several more for your Christmas.

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  1. Hi! I absolutely love the patterns for the Fiery Starburst Quilt and the Bird Quilt. I’ve gotten the email with the .pdf pattern for each one. The email talks about needing a password, but I never got one :(. I’d really like to print these but can’t. Can someone help me figure this out? Very much appreciated.


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