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Flower Crown Quilt Pattern Free

Flower Crown Quilt Pattern by Sharon McConnell very beautiful and assembled with its various was and that cheers the environment is our room. Not only to be used in the bedroom but can also be used as a sofa blanket or even in Dad’s chair. In fact no matter where you will use this beautiful work, what matters is the beauty and the feeling of joy it conveys to us to go to our home.

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Flower Crown Quilt Pattern by Sharon McConnell

Flower Crown Quilt Pattern
Flower Crown Quilt Pattern

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From now on you can see how this blanket or thigh is made and still some interesting details about it. Another interesting point that this quilt was made and developed by Sharon McConnell liveartgalleryfabrics.com

Important Note

There are two ways to construct this quilt:

– First option is using the Classic Curves Ruler. (Ruler sold separately)
– Second Option is using the templates provided on the last pages.

Before cutting any pieces pick the one that fits you better and follow instructions for the specific one you are making. Cutting directions & overall instructions differ depending on the method used.

Here we present just a few processes of what you will see in this wonderful PDF. Done and very well elaborated. Inside the PDF you will see the explanations all in parts that if you follow to the letter it is almost impossible to make a mistake.

Besides the well divided parts the PDF contains the 4 templates necessary for you to cut the fabrics. Now there is an important detail for you to take into consideration: In case you cannot buy the fabrics from liveartgalleryfabrics.com you can buy them from another store near your home, but choose wisely the colors to match this beautiful Flower Crown Quilt Pattern.

Again we inform you that this is not our standard, far from it this wonderful standard was developed by Sharon Mcconnel and you can download the PDF right below from the source site which we found this wonderful PDF.

Flower Crown Quilt Pattern
Flower Crown Quilt Pattern

Construction Flower Crown

• Grab all the 6″ squares from Fabric E F G H & I
• Match the fabrics right sides facing together in order to create HST with the following fabric combinations HI GF FH EG.
• Make sets of four units for each combination of HST

Repeat step one with the 5″ squares from fabrics E F G H & I
• Ensure that the units are made in sets of four with the same fabric combinations as in step one.
• Place one 5½” HST unit on the cutting surface.
• Place the Classic Curves Ruler over the fabric as shown. Ensure that the diagonal seam line on the fabric aligns with the diagonal line on the ruler.
• Align the bottom and right edges of the fabric square with the lines on the ruler for cutting the convex curve (red arrows in illustration). SEE ALSO: Stained Glass quilts 

These are some important materials to make this pattern, however you can still modify the colors to your taste and also increase or decrease the size some people have also made this pattern to be used as a treadmill. We hope you liked it right and leave your comment below, share with your friends this article download your project and always come back for more free products like this.

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