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Free stained glass rooster quilt pattern If you’re after an easy 3-4 day quilt project, this will fit the bill, especially during the current pandemic. This rooster quilt is called “Sing like there’s no one listening!” It’s inspired by a rooster our neighbours had that would entertain us from midnight until 4am most days. This Pattern is desined by Fiona Schiffl.

Free stained glass rooster quilt pattern

Free stained glass rooster quilt
Free stained glass rooster quilt


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For you who like to make very different quilt patterns with the intention really different beautiful and practical good Here is the perfect pattern for you how about making a rooster to be able to put on the wall of your house or even centerpiece or decorating as if it were a table runner?

The details of this pattern are very easy to be made just by the drawing that you will download in pdf just below you will be able to do quietly following the colors of your taste as the drawing itself here or in this case the image of this pattern.

I do not believe that you need to be experienced to the extreme to be able to make this pattern is very simple to do if you can follow the design the way it is there is also clear that it is important you know the combination of colors so that your rooster really looks beautiful and draws attention.

If you live on a farm this is a perfect pattern even for you to make a dish dryer out of very pretty cloth I usually call it a dishcloth, I don’t know if that’s the way it is if you know it, but it really looks very pretty too, and it’s great to put on a table runner to draw attention to yourself.

Well you can download this pattern now that below We hope you have enjoyed the link fionaschiffl.com is here that if for some reason I can not download you know just press the download button.

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