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Hummingbird Quilt Painel Pattern Free by Gina

Hummingbird Quilt Pattern by Gina is a really beautiful pattern by itself, it explains how a panel should be made to put on the wall of our living or guest room, it’s creativity like this that inspires us to do more and even better, it inspires us to make from pieces of fabric amazing panels, blankets, pillows, pillows and of course quilts and more for our home.

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Hummingbird Quilt Pattern by Gina

Hummingbird Quilt
Hummingbird Quilt

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Hummingbird Quilt from designer Gina Surely used beautiful fabrics cut at ideal moments actually nature photographs printed on fabric with the quality as amazing as we can see. The mixture of flowers and birds seen in this panel is sensational is inspiring is striking.

Combining nature tones with other colors is not an easy task especially when it comes to many colors so using strong colors that at the same time can give a neutral state makes all the difference.

Look closely at the image and notice that through triangles or rhombuses a chain is formed by interacting some images and others in the center loosely which then forms a geometric pattern. To tell you the truth, I found the work to be similar to a bargello pattern.

Fabrics like these are really not so easy to find but there are manufacturers have fabrics as beautiful as these and even we will be Maybe tomorrow with article different from anything you have seen good to tell the truth what you will see in an article talking about fabrics water you do not come any kind of website or blog.

The fabrics used for this pattern can be found in the Fabric Collection by Abraham Hunter Art, Inc. for P&B Textiles. If you cannot find the same fabrics, look for others that may even be better in their design than this one. CLICK HERE TO SEE 2021 FABRICS P&B.

I hope you enjoyed this panel and that you can actually make it for your home enjoy make be creative it is a wonderful gift for the one you love no matter the date. Leave a comment What did you think of this panel?

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