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Latin Stars Throw Quilt Free

Latin Stars Throw Quilt is a really interesting pattern for its color and also for the shape of stars in different directions or actually different shapes. And that you have the choice to make it in different colors as well. This pattern was found in www.accuquilt.com.

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Latin Stars Throw Quilt

Latin Stars Throw Quilt
Latin Stars Throw Quilt

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These stars done in this pattern with a blue-greenish blue tone or more of a bluish green tone, well this tone is for you to decide actually but I’m sure if you do it in red or black colors it will be a wonderful pattern!

Actually I did a poll for family to know if I could make it for Christmas this year 2022 to my surprise of the 10 people who live in my house the 10 agreed to do it the biggest discussion was with respect to color!

Believe me this pattern has an extraordinary reason, I don’t know why it really caught my attention and that of my family, but as I was saying the biggest problem is really the color.

This was a very funny part in my family some preferred Green other left Black and others left for red Remembering that the stars in fact is where you look at the white in the pattern it remains white.

Kind of confusing to understand right truth? Laughs … So I did a poll in the family of the 10 people who actually live there at home we put to raise their hands who would choose which color and believe me it was a draw![et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

Then we decided to make a draw in which we put on pieces of paper the name of each color, as there were 10 people we then put 10 pieces of paper in green, 10 in blue, 10 in black, 10 in red and to be one against we put 10 colored.

This colorful would be the stars with different colors and the general pattern, in this case the background, would be white.

Latin Stars Throw Quilt
Latin Stars Throw QuiltLatin Stars Throw Quilt

Then we started the draw of the Latin Stars Throw Quilt pattern, to know which color we would really make the game was very enjoyable animated in the family but believe me the red dominated by 9 to 1! I even remembered the 7-1 thrashing Brazil suffered in Germany! Laughs… Of course I like to watch soccer!

Now talking about the pattern it is really well done with a variation of 4 different stars so the name Latin Stars Throw Quilt couldn’t be different.

If you like this pattern there’s really not much to talk about, just get to work and make it very well done Enjoy this excellent pattern and make your Christmas very different, and if we think calmly this year 2022 is passing very fast so don’t waste time do it soon.

Nwo to you download this pattern you can see here in www.accuquilt.com and see same time the fabrics to buy.

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