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Lollipop Dreams Quilt

Lollipop Dreams Quilt Pattern is that beautiful pattern that you will use to be able to decorate your room or your children’s room and that actually has a very nice pattern reminds even the sho-fly pattern. Patterns like these colorful ones work very well for children’s rooms, but they don’t prevent you from making them for your own.

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Lollipop Dreams –¬†Designed by Nancy McNally.

Lollipop Dreams Quilt Pattern is the kind of project that you do with the intention of making it a favorite for the kids’ room, even more so because it’s colorful. As you can see from the picture below you can see that this pattern is one that makes any room happy.

Lollipop Dreams Quilt
Lollipop Dreams –¬†Designed by Nancy McNally. IN https://www.anniescatalog.com/

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Do you have a favorite little someone who just loves lollipops? Collect bright, fun solids to make this quilt and make their dreams of candy come true. Finished size: 72″” x 84″”. Designed by Nancy McNally.

Lollipop Dreams Quilt Pattern 2 Designed by Nancy McNally.A lot of projects that we do tend to be based on our own home decor, and even relate to the taste that each of us has. Of course there are patterns that you can change as needed, and this pattern is one of those that you can change the size, the colors, and even turn into a beautiful pattern for any special occasion.

Tutorial Pattern

This pattern is very good especially for those who are beginning is at the starting level in the area of quilt or sewing the materials with the most diverse points and that according to the color that you will do the more colors more materials that in this case are the fabrics.

This pattern There are two ways for you to go through the tutorial: The first is to go to the site now and get the full five page pdf for a fee. Buy Pattern here in anniescatalog.com (Recommended).

The second way for you to get this pattern is following this link ahead which will redirect you to a site that has the pattern for free. See here the PATTERN FREE.

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  1. This is a beautiful quilt! I have made one very similarly to this, but without any negative space in between the rows of hexagons.


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