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Modern Melody Quilt

Modern Melody Quilt This is one of those thieves that is coming back again more often now from the end of the year to the beginning of the year 2022. Interesting that this pattern is the kind that reminds you of a very thick rope is a bit of work to make but a really beautiful pattern and that you on this chain so to speak can really make a beautiful quilt work.

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Modern Melody Quilt free pattern

Modern Melody Quilt free pattern 
Modern Melody Quilt free pattern

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This quilt free pattern modern melodym the more time goes by the more we want to do something different and this pattern if you can think on it you will see that you can make amazing works with your fabrics and the good thing about this pattern is that you can certainly use scraps from your home and I particularly consider even this pattern as if it were patchwork.

Now that everything was cut, I sat down to pin each arch to a background piece. I recommend a comfy chair and a good movie while doing this step! The die cut shapes have a lovely notch on each piece of the block to make aligning the pieces a breeze. You can pin as much or as little as you need. Once everything was pinned, I sat down at the machine and zipped these through. I see this pattern also here in accuquilt.com

Once I had everything sewn, I pressed the blocks. I did not need to clip the curves, they just pressed down apartment. I chose to square up each block to measure 6 ½” square by only trimming the white sides. SEE Magic Stars Quilt Pattern

Modern Melody Quilt tip to make your own

The big tip for this fabric that we are going to leave you is that the very instant you have to make or making it the main secret to winning fabrics you can use colored printed fabric whatever it is and not to mention that this pattern you can use for your Christmas party is something really formidable.

You can download this pattern right below the download button. We hope you liked this pattern and that it can make all the difference in your Christmas.

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