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Ohio Star Quilt Block Pattern

Ohio Star Quilt Block Pattern is another classic block that is fairly well known, even among non-quilters. As the name implies, it is a star design formed by the points of quarter-square triangles that surround a central square. The block is believed to have been in use as a prominent design as early as the mid-1800s.

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Ohio Star Quilt Block Pattern

Star Quilt Block Pattern
Star Quilt Block Pattern  by https://www.etsy.com

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This particular design has several different names and is easily confused with blocks with similar construction but having a different coloring.  Here are just a few of the alias names this block goes by: Aunt Eliza’s Star, Eastern Star, Eight Point Star, Happy Home, Mosaic Patchwork, Texas Star and many others.

You can be using it to make any kind of work you want for your home, recently we found this wonderful pattern made with this block check out the image above once again the pattern is sensational and you can make it just by a correct size calculation and giving me in the colors you want is very nice block as beautiful as these wonderful works.

Star Quilt Block Ohio pattern

**I prefer to cut my patches extra large for QST, stitch, and then trim them to size. If you prefer to do the same, add a bit extra to the measurements for Patches #1 and #2 above (I added 1/2″ to each dimension for the sample block).

There is a chart further down in these instructions where you need it for trimming them to size. If you have a perfectly reliable 1/4″ seam allowance use the dimensions in the cutting charts for these patches.

REMEMBER I am making according to my size requirement for my quilt. You can and should decide if you need to make it larger, smaller, long, or wide.

As for the colors I started with the stars being in red and the center will be in black, because my husband is passionate about dark colors, especially black and red and I am making it in these colors because it is a gift for him.

This picture of the image above is from ETSY and I want to do exactly like it is there but in black and white colors, if you want to download the pattern via ETSY just click here ETSY PATTERN Remembering that this pattern is paid.

Here you have it free you can access the PDF here on the blog www.scrapish.com and of course if for some reason you can not access it you can then click the download button.

Your pattern will be sent to your email. File saved from Viruses and Spam.
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