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Pathway Block pattern free

Pathway Block pattern is the kind of pattern that brought to my family great moments this kind of pattern, in fact this kind of block (not this one, but a 95% similar one) saved an aunt of mine literally from suicide, a sad moment that many times is occasioned by depression and by a strong anxiety attack sometimes.

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Pathway Block pattern free

Pathway Block pattern
Pathway Block pattern

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Pathway Block pattern not this one exactly, but a similar one, actually quite similar about 3 years ago was a kind of guardian angel of my aunt who went through problems due to depression, which in turn was acquired due to the death of her two children prematurely in Europe while they were on vacation.

I remember the day that a 59-year-old lady asked my aunt to make a quilt to be sent to Europe (I don’t remember the place) which according to the lady would be a gift for her grandchildren who were studying in that country.

My aunt, already depressed, actually quite depressed, according to her, was about to get into the bathtub and cut her two wrists, and at that very moment the lady knocked on the door and placed the order.

At that moment, according to my aunt, she stopped for two minutes without saying anything, took the bag and told the lady that this would be her last job with fabrics. The lady, not understanding anything, simply said that the model she wanted was already printed in color on paper inside the bag with some fabrics (so Pathway Block pattern lots ideas).

Pathway Block pattern
Pathway Block pattern

10 minutes later my aunt took the bag again and took it inside the atelier and with that went straight to look for the pattern already printed, the interesting thing came now: my aunt took the envelope that was the pattern, took it out of the bag and looked at it for 30 minutes.

Then my aunt got on the phone and called our mother and told her to go to her house urgently, I remember that it was about 10 pm and my mother who was always there for the family went immediately. What was the surprise?

My aunt was in the same position as she took the pattern, handed it to our mother and said: “look at this drawing, it is a pattern of a block to make a 70×70 quilt for two young people in Europe. My mother, not understanding, asked: “what’s different about it?

My aunt, who hadn’t laughed in a long time, told her to look carefully and there, right in the middle of the pattern, was an almost invisible verse from the Bible, to be exact Psalms 4:1 and 3. Our mother stood still for a while looking at it, thinking that it was something done on purpose, but in fact if we think about it, it was!

In fact, what saved my aunt was not the pattern itself, but what was in the middle of it, almost invisibly, and if you want to know what it says, I recommend that you read it, because even today I read it because of the inspiration that this verse of the Bible is.

I am not here to talk about the Bible, but to say that even through a pattern that we love so much, God helps us to understand that we are not alone. This pattern here? Well, it is not the same as the one my aunt received, but it is very similar.

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In conclusion, my aunt made the pattern, meditated on what those two verses had represented to her, and after she finished, called the lady and thanked her for having been that night at her house. From then on my aunt turned into a different person, started living with a new perspective and today her faith is always strong and real.

Download pattern now so you can also have this inspiration, make this pattern remembering that no matter where and how, God will always help us to know and understand that we will never be alone if we trust and pray to Him.

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