Peachy Keen Quilt Pattern is a very beautiful panel that you can make to decorate your home or any part of it in fact your office or studio with a simple, beautiful and well made wall panel and the best is for using the colors that you like or feel comfortable with. This pattern was created by Nicole Calver and you should check out her social networks to learn more about the designer, her website is and her Instagram is @snipssnippets.

Peachy Keen Quilt Pattern

First I want to thank the person (anonymous – we don’t know who it was) who sent us this wonderful quilt pattern, but we appreciate it. This wall panel or whatever you wish to use is just as impressive for the delicacy of the colors used!

Peachy Keen Quilt Pattern
Peachy Keen Quilt Pattern

This Peachy Keen Quilt Pattern Using red with mustard colors dark gray and yellow pigments is really a great idea to make a Cross pattern. Of course there are many applications for this pattern and I’m sure you have great ideas to use it as a panel at the entrance of the living room or even a beautiful table runner or maybe to make that wonderful comfy silk lined quilt.

The good thing about patterns is that you can use the most diverse types of media to adapt a pattern into other applications for your home or office or whatever you want.

It is interesting that a wall panel it can completely change the environment of the house especially if you place it in strategic places some people for example like to place it right at the entrance as a vase of plant on the side or as a reflector of ambient light pointed to highlight the colors as if it were a painting in a museum.

Panels made of fabric are one of the most used Decorations in our country and has also been gaining more and more supporters in Europe and Brazil interesting here in Brazil people like hand painted pictures and panels in colored or printed fabrics have been gaining more and more prominence incredible is not it?

We hope you can access Nicole’s social networks and see more designers like this so you can get amazing ideas we will put here the link for you to access Nicole’s website and also below so you can access her Instagram it costs nothing and enjoy and follow her on Instagram also take the opportunity to get the Peachy Keen Quilt Pattern There PDF of this beautiful work.

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