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Quilt Ice and Snow Themed Table Topper Free

Check Out How To Make Quilt Ice and Snow Themed Table Topper. The holiday season is coming up and nothing better than decorating the house with themed items that match the time of year! A great idea is to make a lovely table topper with an ice and snow theme to give your dining room that festive feeling. In this post, I’ll show you step-by-step how to make this super cute table topper that will beautifully decorate your home.

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How To Make Quilt Ice and Snow Themed Table Topper

The first step is to choose the colors you’ll use. For the ice and snow theme, blues, whites, and silvers are ideal. Next, you’ll need fabric for the base and stuffing, which can be acrylic blanket. The ideal size for the base is 40 x 50 cm.

Quilt Ice and Snow Themed Table Topper
Quilt Ice and Snow Themed Table Topper

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And to Quilt Ice and Snow Themed Table Topper you  need Start by cutting a rectangle in your desired size from the fabric of your choice. Then, cut the stuffing the same size and start filling up the base with it, leaving about 2 cm on the sides so you can flip and close it with stitching.

Now that you have the stuffed base, it’s time to go all out on the winter theme decoration. Cut out snowflakes from white fabrics and apply them using hot glue or stitching. You can also make icicle pendants and decorations from EVA materials in ideal colors.

Another super cute idea is to add a snowman made from stuffed white socks. As well as being cute, it’s a great way to reuse old socks. Use black buttons for the eyes and nose and a carrot or wood for the nose.

To complement, you can scatter cotton to simulate snow and use silver glitter for an icy look. Fabric flowers with cool textures complete the winter vibe. Use ribbons and silver bows to give an even more charming air.

Don’t forget to apply the themed keywords like ice, snow, winter, holiday etc. This way your decoration is perfect for the Christmas spirit!

This is a great idea to decorate your dining room and get into the holiday season mood. Besides being beautiful, you can make this ice and snow themed table topper spending little and sustainably, by reusing materials.

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Making your own decorations is a fun activity and also helps exercise your creativity. So get your hands dirty and transform your home with this super cute holiday decoration! I hope you enjoyed the tips. Leave your comment sharing how your winter themed creation turned out. This pattern is designed by www.allpeoplequilt.com.

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