This Quilt Pattern Floral Elements by AGF – Art Gallery Fabrics is wonderful for its colors for the way each piece of your cut is made and most importantly a pattern made with love. Patterns like this are special for those who made it for the first time (in this case who created it) and for us this pattern is no different, at least I will make this pattern with great care and love.

Quilt Pattern Floral Elements

Quilt Pattern Floral Elements
Quilt Pattern Floral Elements image by

We’ve covered complementary colour schemes – now let’s turn things up a notch and talk split complementary. As you may know, a complementary colour scheme is created with two colours directly across from one another on the colour wheel.

Continuing in the sarne vein, a split complementary colour scheme is created when you combine a base colour with the two colours adjacent to the base’s complement. To visualise, a split complementary palette with red as the base colour would also include yellow-green and green-blue (as green is the complement to red).

Unlike other colour schemes, there are vast combinations to be made from split complementary shades and, Quilt Pattern Floral Elements is most excitingly, each one is as bea utiful as the last !

When it comes to quilting, I love to use split complementary colours to pull interesting palettes for holiday projects. This Quilt Pattern Floral Elements really can be used in/as holidays projects.

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With one warm and two cold colours in each combination (or vice versa), it’s easy to create a soft balance that’s perfect for any time of year. let’s start by talking about the aforementioned colour combination of red with yellow-green and green-blue.

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect modem festive combo? How about using purple as a base colour with orange­yellow and yellow-green as its secondary shades? What a great off-beat palette for  a fun Halloween project, remember what Quilt Pattern Floral Elements also can be used.

Quilt Pattern Floral Elements
Quilt Pattern Floral Elements image by

Another example of split complementary colour used to celebrate a holiday is in the American tradition of Mardi Gras. On Fat Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday for my UK friends), we don beaded necklaces and masks in the contrasting combo of violet, yellow and green to celebrate the beginning of lent.

You need know that pattern Floral Elements, PDF and idea are made by AGF – Art Gallery Fabrics and you can see lots fabrics perfect to your work here in For me are the best fabrics to buy.

ln my fabric pull this month l’ve gone for a combination that’s one of my favourites: orange, blue-green and blue-violet. I have always loved orange – it’s such an underrated colour, a nd balances so well with the other two accent shades.

There’s a strong visual contrast for Quilt Pattern Floral Elements, yet the impact is easier on the eye than complementary. This palette really feels special and different to me.

Out of all of the colour schemes, split complementary is one of the easiest and most fun to play with. Next time you’re agonising over fabrics, check out a colour wheel and discover the array of interesting combinations you can make. You’II be surprised by just how many variations there are.

Patterns like these are very beautiful for the assembly that is made the cuttings of the fabric. And if you observe the orange is a very beautiful color tone that reminds us of a time sunset or sunrise, well the truth this differs from Taste to taste or what condition the condition we are.

Quilt Pattern Floral Elements
Quilt Pattern Floral Elements image by

Let’s not talk too much about things here in this active but surely he make an article specifying the things for each fabric that you can be using in a wider way and choose them your favorite color. Enjoy now to leave your comment below that tell us what you think of this pattern.


Remember this patter and all you instructions are by AGF –


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