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Rainbow Baby Quilt Pattern

Rainbow Baby Quilt Pattern is Brightly colored fabric strips make up the simple blocks in this eye-catching quilt. It’s a great way to add color to Baby’s room. This e-pattern was originally published in Weekend Quilting Wonders. This pattern is by free-quilting.com

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Rainbow Baby Quilt Pattern

Rainbow Baby Quilt Pattern
Rainbow Baby Quilt Pattern by Connie Rand

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Rainbow Baby Quilt Pattern is exactly the kind of pattern that I love to make, colorful and the face of children, our children, grandchildren, nephew and stepchildren, in fact stepchild is son is how I feel and I’m sure you too. Something I have always liked is to work with colors, because color is life, joy, and everything that makes us happy!

Rainbow Baby Quilt can be a pattern not only in color but also in double color, triple color, single color tone and even with printed fabrics in a variety of colors.

Do you know why I also love to make colorful patterns for my children and even for myself? Well, I’ll tell you how and why I like colorful patterns:

The correct use of colors is an important ally for the balance of environments and those who inhabit them, being a generator of well-being, which raises self-esteem and reduces stress, besides facilitating communication and increasing productivity, eliminating anxiety, anguish and depression.

Colors influence even the perception of time, since studies prove that in environments with “warm” colors people underestimate the passage of time, the opposite occurs with those positioned in environments with “cold” colors, while hearing is affected by loud sounds, which make green colors more sensitive than red ones to the eyes.

If we analyze the meaning of colors, we can generally interpret that red, which represents fire, is most useful in the bedroom and kitchen, while green and blue, which have a tendency to cool and calm, are suitable for the living room and bedrooms whose residents suffer from insomnia and stress, although excessive use can lead to depression, especially in dark tones.

Benefits of Color Therapy

Aids in the treatment of physical and emotional fractures;
May assist in increasing internal balance;
Improves the functioning of the digestive system;
Accelerates metabolic function
Improves muscle tone
Improves hearing and perception;
It can reduce binge eating;

Now that you understand why I like colors and colorfulness so much in my quilt patterns and this Rainbow Baby Quilt free, in my home this is why. I hope this article can help you to always think carefully about what kind of colors to use from now on in your home, your patterns, or wherever you wish! You can download this pattern here in https://www.free-quilting.com/

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