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Shamrock Table Runner for St Patrick’s

Shamrock Table Runner for St Patrick’s is a super cute pattern and easy to make if you follow of course, the PDF (pattern) correctly, of course for those with more experience it is quite easy to do. This is a designer pattern by Joan Ford of Hummingbird Highway, and we found it here at weallsew.com.

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Shamrock Table Runner for St Patrick’s

A table runner, or table path, or table walkway, well the name is up to you, after all many people and places know it by a different name, I particularly prefer table path.

As you can see, the pattern is made up of four blocks of lucky clover, and finally each lucky clover is made with heart-shaped leaves, 3 in total.

Shamrock Table Runner for St Patrick's
Shamrock Table Runner for St Patrick’s y Joan Ford of Hummingbird Highway,

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The colors are green and their patterns (fabrics used with patterns) are of various shades of green. Of course it is possible to use the most diverse shades of green and even other colors, as this is up to you to decide and of course it is important to remember that if you make another color that right is yours.

St Patrick’s Day

he main Irish holiday, March 17th, is very important to the Irish and their rich culture. On this date St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated – in honor of the country’s patron saint. He is known for having brought the Catholic religion to the country.

The date is one of the most important of the year and has spread among Irish descendants around the world. The celebration materializes in one of the most traditional festivals in the region, which annually attracts thousands of tourists willing to get into the green spirit.

Behind all this celebration, there is a lot of tradition and history. That is why we prepared this article for you to know a little more about St. Patrick’s Day and enjoy the date – which is also celebrated in Brazil. Enjoy your reading.

Who was St. Patrick?

There is a lot of history about Saint Patrick. What is known is that he was born in Great Britain in the late 4th century, and until he was 16 years old he considered himself a pagan. At that time, he was kidnapped and sold into slavery by the Irish. He is believed to have died on March 17, 461.

During the time he was enslaved – about 6 years – he began to turn to God. After he managed to escape capture, he went to study in a monastery for 12 years. During this phase of his life, he discovered that his vocation was to convert the pagan Irish to Christianity.

St. Patrick then went to several monasteries and was successful in his mission. The Celtic Druids did not like his attitude and tried to arrest him several times, but he always escaped. After spending 30 years being a missionary in Ireland, he went to County Down and remained there until his death.

Patrick’s image is not only valued for its historical details. His great triumph lies in being able to return to his home country after the period of slavery, with the goal of transmitting God’s message.

We hope that you have enjoyed this pattern, and that you can make it to commemorate or even to decorate your home on a daily basis. For this pattern you can access the complete tutorial here weallsew.com/shamrock. Of course, if you can not access for some reason, you can download it, just enter your best email and click Get Download and ready, check your email to download the pattern.

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