Simple Sashing and Rectangles Quilt Make a scrappy yet orderly quilt using aqua, lime, and cocoa print fat quarters. Aqua tone-on-tone sashing and binding tie together fabrics from the Spa collection by Rosemarie Lavin forĀ Windham Fabrics. There are times that we want something different to give to some special people and others that we want to make them smile because of some sadness or even problems but it’s hard to find the right gift, in my case it would be the right quilt to give to a certain person that passed for you to see the problems.

Simple Sashing and Rectangles Quilt

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Simple Sashing and Rectangles Quilt by

Simple Sashing and Rectangles Quilt

But speaking of this specific pattern Simple Sashing and Rectangles Quilt I found interesting the combination of colors that take brown and its shades using even the light blue plus the yellow and this somehow touched my heart to be able to then present the person I said above.

One thing I like a lot and there are times when I’ve been up all night looking for perfect patterns for my clients and also for you guys that I like to post in Facebook groups. There is no mistaking that these days in a Facebook group one of the girls in the group that I participate said that she doesn’t have time to stay on the internet and she goes straight to the group to get the pattern to be able to do. Simple Sashing and Rectangles Quilt was easy so.

I feel very honored to be part of people’s lives both by actually making patterns like this one on my sewing machine and also by bringing news to my Facebook group for my friends and for those who really like to do what they like most which was to work with fabrics.

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Simple Sashing and Rectangles Quilt
Simple Sashing and Rectangles Quilt

Well Back to talk about this pattern Simple Sashing and Rectangles Quilt something that left me well pressed is the feature if using the various prints in brown along with yellow fitting blue in such a delicate way and you have that feeling tranquility peace like peace. This pattern is also wonderful for Mother’s Day. What will be your gift to your mother?

Patterns like this tend never leave our memory as I love beauty and such a simplicity you want to do more of these types of quilt. For you to have an idea it has been about a week since I found this pattern and only today I could bring it to you.

Well actually it wasn’t really me who found this quilt pattern it was a friend who lives in Australia who is a WhatsApp friend, and said that this would be an excellent pattern really and not only for writing as it exceeded expectations I was able to make it in about 4 days so I believe you will do less.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: to do this pattern correctly you must access the complete tutorial at

But I made a very big gaffe I forgot to take my private pictures you Abraham, mother of small children, the pandemic that has worsened a better kiss the stress of everyday life are things that have affected all of us And believe me Including me. We hope you have enjoyed this pattern Simple Sashing and Rectangles Quilt and that you can enjoy it too I am successful and that you are very happy to realize this pattern. Download pattern here

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