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Square in Square Block Quilt Free

The Square in Square Block Quilt Pattern: A Beginner-Friendly Design with Lots of Variation. The square in square block is a versatile beginner-friendly quilt pattern that offers many creative possibilities. This fun design involves making small squares and placing them inside larger squares to create beautiful contrast and texture. Read on to learn how to make this quilt block and explore ideas for using it in different quilting projects.

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Constructing the Basic Square in Square Block Quilt

A square in square block starts with two contrasting squares of fabric. Typically, the smaller square should measure half the width of the larger square. For example, if your large square is cut to 4 inches, your small square would be 2 inches.

Square in Square Block Quilt
Square in Square Block Quilt

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To assemble, place the smaller square right side up. Take the larger square and cut it corner to corner diagonally twice to create four triangles. Place two triangles right side down on opposite corners of the smaller square. Sew along the diagonal seam. Trim excess fabric. Repeat with the remaining two triangles on the remaining corners. Press seams open or to one side.

The center square will now appear framed by the larger triangles in the four corners. Make as many blocks as needed in your desired quilt size.

Design Variations

The beauty of the square in square block is that it can take on completely different looks simply by varying the fabric choices:

– Use prints or solids – Mixing prints with solids offers bold contrast while all solids or all prints lend visual texture.

– Play with color – Try complementary colors for vibrant energy or analogous colors for harmony. Monochromatic squares have modern appeal.

– Highlight negative space – Choose dark squares with light framing triangles (or vice versa) to make the negative space stand out.

– Audition combinations – Lay out fabrics for your centers and frames to see what pleases your eye before sewing.

– Incorporate other blocks – Combine square in square blocks with other patterns like Nine Patch or Pinwheel for added interest.

Quilting Possibilities

Square in Square Block Quilt seamlessly integrate into many beginner-friendly quilting projects:

– Classic patchwork quilts – Their simple construction makes them ideal for traditional quilts. Join blocks into pleasing layouts like rows or Barn Raising sets.

Sampler quilts – Showcase square in square blocks beside other beginner patterns in a sampler quilt.

Scrappy quilts – They’re a super way to use up fabric scraps. Vary fabric between each block for unique charm.

Baby quilts – The scale and color options work beautifully for infant quilts.

– Throw quilts – Quickly sew squares together to form a graphic throw. Great for learning quilting on a smaller project.

The Square in Square Block Quilt offers versatility for quilters of all levels. Whether you stick to the basic design or get creative with fabric and layout, you’re sure to enjoy the process and end result. Give this fun pattern a try on your next quilting project!

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