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Strip Pieced Diagonal Quilt Free

Strip Pieced Diagonal Quilt Learn how to make a quilt with this stunning and super easy free quilting pattern. This quilting pattern for beginners uses the strip-piecing method to made 12 quilt blocks that you combine to make one beautiful quilt. Strip-piecing refers to cutting strips of fabric to create a design. This pattern PDF is by http://reannalilydesigns.com

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Strip Pieced Diagonal Quilt

Strip Pieced Diagonal Quilt
Strip Pieced Diagonal Quilt

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The Strip-Pieced Diagonal Beginner Quilt patterns uses about 2 yards of fabric, can be sewn out of cotton, and makes a great quilt to make for a charity or your kid’s bedroom. Plus, you can easily make this a scrappy quilt by using leftover fabric pieces.

This Strip Pieced Diagonal Quilt designed by Carol Thelen of Quilt Notes, The Tutorial is available for free.  Carol: “If you need a quilt that’s easy, fast and fun to make, the Strip Pieced Diagonal Beginner quilt is for you. I found this easy strip piecing pattern a few years back when I was looking for easy quilts to make for Veterans.”

If life imitates art, I hope that my life will soon start taking its cues from this quilt. Calm in palette, playful in perspective and full of surprises, this Diagonal Stripe Quilt is a real inspiration for the sewing table and beyond!

The construction of this Strip Pieced Diagonal Quilt is an excellent practice in the art of organized chaos: It requires an accuracy of skill but a surrender of complete control. The stripes are all pieced, cut and sewn in random order, coming together by chance in striking diagonal lines. The result is a stunning mix of precise lines, subtle color shifts and bold punctuations. Let life-like-a-Diagonal-Stripe-Quilt begin!

What size strips for a strip quilt?

Quilt patterns using 2.5 inch precut strips are very popular. These strips are typically 2 ½″ wide x Width of Fabric (40″-42″) and are sometimes called Rolie Polies or Jelly Rolls.

How to Calculate Quilt Block Sizes

Things You’ll Need

  • Quilt block pieces
  • Seam gauge (ruler)
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Calculator

Unless you are using a quilting pattern supplied to you from an outside source, you will need to know how to calculate the size of a completed quilt block. Furthermore, by understanding this process, you can plan quilt blocks of your own design to be a certain size by using the same calculation principles in reverse. This process calculates the size of a completed quilt block. It assumes that you are using a 1/4-inch seam allowance, which is most common in quilting.

  • Step 1: Lay out the quilt block pieces as they will fit together when completed. Make sure all the edges touch but don’t overlap.
  • Step 2: Measure the width of the entire loose block. Record this number as your raw width.
  • Step 3: Count the number of quilt pieces used in the width and figure ½ inch for each piece. This is the total seam allowance on both the right and left sides of the quilt piece. Record this number as your width seam allowance.
  • Step 4: Subtract the width seam allowance from the raw width. This new number is the completed width for your quilt block.
  • Step 5: Repeat this process for the height.

We hope you enjoyed this idea and can make your own pattern in your favorite colors. you can download the pattern here or: 

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