Summer Jewels Beginner Quilt Pattern is a beautiful pattern for you to use in your living room, bedroom, decoration, office, and even a picnic with your family or loved one.

Summer Jewels Beginner Quilt

The Summer Jewels Beginner Quilt pattern features colors with a high contrast that I hadn’t really thought about using colors so different from each other until I saw the fabrics and patterns that designer Suzy Myers used with such ease.

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Quilt Pattern Summer Jewels Beginner reminded me a lot of water mixed with earth, or clay so to speak, it reminded me of forests, of the beach, of a beautiful lake on the farm, and what did you remember with this wonderful free quilt pattern?

Summer Jewels Beginner Quilt Pattern


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This quilt is very interesting and easy to make, and I really advise you who are beginners to make it, and create a wonderful keepsake that you can look back on for years to come.

1. Download quilt pattern

For this pattern you will need to follow 3 tutorials, it is well explained, nothing difficult is all super easy and well divided the steps. So from now on you can follow the tutorials here in Suzy Myers’ blog on her blog:
If for some reason you can not access due to internet or any other circumstances you can then use the button below.

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