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Summer Jewels Beginner Quilt Pattern is a beautiful pattern for you to use in your living room, bedroom, decoration, office, and even a picnic with your family or loved one. We are right in the middle of summer, and you probably aren’t thinking a lot about quilting. But I have a quilt pattern for you that would be perfect for the beginning quilter.

Summer Jewels Beginner Quilt

Summer Jewels Beginner Quilt Pattern
Summer Jewels Beginner Quilt Pattern image by suzyssitcom.com


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A quilt that you can piece in one afternoon! Have any young teens sitting around without much to do? Now is the time to teach them something new! And create a wonderful keepsake that you can look back on for years to come.

The Summer Jewels Beginner Quilt pattern features colors with a high contrast that I hadn’t really thought about using colors so different from each other until I saw the fabrics and patterns that designer Suzy Myers used with such ease. SEE ALSO: Quilt Block Christmas Star Free Pattern

Quilt Pattern Summer Jewels Beginner reminded me a lot of water mixed with earth, or clay so to speak, it reminded me of forests, of the beach, of a beautiful lake on the farm, and what did you remember with this wonderful free quilt pattern?

This quilt is very interesting and easy to make, and I really advise you who are beginners to make it, and create a wonderful keepsake that you can look back on for years to come. A Jelly Roll consists of 10 carefully selected fabrics in light, medium and dark values-in this case 5 Brown fabrics, and 5 Teal/Turquoise fabrics . Each strip is die cut for pinpoint accuracy, 2.5” x width of the fabric or 42/44” approximate.

The best blankets to drape across a garden bench or porch swing are quilts with summer themes. Make this beautiful Summer Jewels Quilt to keep you cozy in the cool breezes of summer nights, or use it as a handmade beach blanket! The pretty pattern is designed just for beginners, so even if you aren’t an experienced quilter, you can jump right in!

For this pattern you will need to follow 3 tutorials, it is well explained, nothing difficult is all super easy and well divided the steps. So from now on you can follow the tutorials here in Suzy Myers’ blog on her blog: https://suzyssitcom.com/summer-quilting
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