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Table Runner Free Pattern

Table Runner Free Pattern To start planning your combination, you must prioritize the harmony between the colors of all the elements that will compose your set table, such as the table runner, napkins, napkin holders, tableware, and cutlery. In the case of the rails, you can choose printed, plain, colored, or neutral tones.

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Table Runner Free Pattern

Table Runner Free Pattern
Table Runner Free Pattern by Jordan Fabrics

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The table runner should be about a third of the width of the table, but if you are going to use several, each should be about a quarter of the width. To determine the length of the table path, add 30 cm to the length of the table. It can be used alone, with tablecloths and/or with sousplats, vertically, horizontally, or crossed, when the path is a set.

Always remembering to match the textures and colors of the accessories, such as napkins, sousplats, plates and arrangements. Very simple. Since you must measure your table in the first place.

6 Place Rectangular Tablecloth Size

In short, pay attention to the width and length if your furniture is rectangular. Then, add up the excess fabric that will be left on your table. Our tip is to use between 15 cm and 30 cm, or the size you like to use on your table.

This way, the ideal hem size will not be too small or too large. So if your table is 1.00 meter wide and 1.20 meter long. The Rectangular 6 Seater Tablecloth Size for this example would be 1.40 x 1.60.

Table Runner Free Pattern by Jordan Fabrics
Table Runner Free Pattern by Jordan Fabrics

Most common Rectangular 6 Seater Tablecloth Sizes

1,40 x 1,60
1,40 x 1,70
1,40 x 1,80

Correct Size of 6 Place Round Tablecloth

If your furniture is round, pay attention to the overall diameter. For each measurement add up only the measurement of one side. For example, if your table has a diameter of 1.10 meters, a very common measurement. So if you want a tablecloth to fall 30 cm on each side, the 6 Seater Round Tablecloth Measure would be 1.70 meters in diameter.

Table Runner Free Pattern by Jordan Fabrics
Table Runner Free Pattern by Jordan Fabrics

6 Seater Round Tablecloth Size List

1,50 of diameter
1,60 of diameter
1,70 of diameter

6 Seats Square Tablecloth

Working on the issue of your furniture being square, it gets just as easy as the examples above. So let’s take into account that the width and length measurements are equal. Therefore, you only need to calculate the drop of the tablecloth. For example, just so you know: If you have a 1.20 x 1.20 table and want to accept our tip of using 20 cm of drop on each side of the tablecloth. A 6 Seater Square Tablecloth Size would be 1.60 x 1.60.

Table Runner Free Pattern by Jordan Fabrics
Table Runner Free Pattern by Jordan Fabrics

Most Popular 6 Seater Square Tablecloth Sizes

1,60 x 1,60
1,70 x 1,70

Table Runner Free Pattern for 6 Seat Tablecloth Set List

  • Don’t wait only for special occasions like birthdays to put together a beautiful table decoration. Every day is an opportunity to harmonize the setting. Prepare a suitable setting for dining.
  • Using tablecloths is also sophisticated. You can use them for formal or informal gatherings.
  • Use sousplats to further decorate your set table. It works as a frame for the plate and makes the table beautiful.
  • Place the sousplat in a central position in relation to the chair. Leave it between 3 and 5 cm from the edge of the table.
  • Try to use napkins to match the tablecloth. The colors should match each other. Place the napkins to the left of the plate.
  • Flowers. Always use low floral arrangements, no more than 20 cm high, so that they do not interfere with conversation during meals.
  • Dishes. Choose preferably white dishes, because they can be used for any occasion. If you don’t like yours very much, try putting napkins on top of them on the table.

The table runner, also called table rail, is one of those elements that make the difference in the set table. It may not seem like it, but it brings a very interesting charm to the place and can be used in several ways. Some people think that table runners are a thing of the past, but you can bet that they are not.

Now you can download one of the patterns or all three if you wish. These Table Runner patterns were by Jordan Fabrics  jordanfabrics.com/shining-star-table-runner | jordanfabrics.com/sisters-choice-runner | jordanfabrics.com/maple-leaf-table-runner If for some reason you cannot access, you can download the PDF directly from bellow.

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