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Tweety’s Snowflake Quilt

Tweety’s Snowflake Quilt is a very beautiful pattern and I am sure you will agree with me. Sometimes the simplicity of a pattern is what makes it even more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Look closely at the image below and think what I liked best about this pattern made by Wendy Butler Berns at Quilters Newsletter?

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Tweety’s Snowflake Quilt

Tweety's Snowflake Quilt
Tweety’s Snowflake Quilt by Wendy Butler Berns at QuiltersNewsletter.com

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Wendy Butler the designer of this pattern goes into special details when making each square of this pattern for example from the borders with red fabric printed with black that matches exactly with the snow on the tree branch and the snow design applied makes the pattern even more serene and pleasant.

It is things like this that make each of us that it has the pattern Or even create patterns of the most incredible whether the most complex to the simplest as this bird or tweet with tree branch Snow and snowflake inspiring.

We have here free raisin patterns for you to download and even adapt to this one if you wish if the background of this pattern added with one of a bird quilt pattern  you will surely get amazing ideas. Remember that it is not enough for you to just have the idea in your head you need to put it out there and also with in the fabric colors for what will be used interior sizes very important when developing the pattern.

We really hope that you like this pattern and that you use it in a panel in your living room or even on you talking pains of cutlery and plates as well as in your dining room this pattern will look great.

Well in the end it is you who decides which colors to use to make the pattern and also where it will be placed in your home. The most important thing is that from now on you will be able to download the free pattern quickly and easily.

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  1. What are all the grammar mistakes in these pattern descriptions? They make it hard to understand. And where is the free download?

  2. I have requested several FREE patterns to be sent to my email address – but I never receive them. What am I doing wrong ? Thank you.


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