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Twisted Log Cabin Pattern free

This twisted log cabin quilt block pattern can be made with expert precision by implementing the paper piecing foundation pattern that we present here. This tutorial will show you how to make this Twisted Log Cabin without paper peicing. It is a easy block to make, but it is time consuming!

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Twisted Log Cabin

Twisted Log Cabin
Twisted Log Cabin

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Scraps can be used or you can use materials that we have suggested. Our suggested material amounts are an over-exaggeration, so if you make a mistake you always have more fabric to work with.

My Twisted Log Cabin square

My pattern makes a 6×6 inch quilting block with a 1/4 inch grace allowance. This way you can make any size quilt you desire within 6 inch increments of your desired result. Our directions will walk you through the whole process of using our pattern to make this beautiful quilting block.

You should already know how to piece together blocks and it’s best to know how to use a paper piecing pattern. Even if you’ve never used one before, we walk you through it in our directions.

Sizing / Finished Measurements, Materials

Finished quilting block is 6×6 inches with a 1/4 inch grace allowance for piecing.

  • Fabric for center square (6×6 inches)
  • Fabric for Rest of Block (1/4 yards in 7 different colors or use scraps)

How much fabric do I need for a log cabin quilt?

Fabric Requirements for Log Cabin Quilt Blocks. When calculating how much fabric you will need in total, each yard (0.9m)of fabric which is 40 – 42 inches (100 -106 cm) wide should give you about 14 x 2 ½ inch strips. If using Jelly Rolls, you will need about 4 Jelly Rolls for a queen size quilt.

What are the measurements for a log cabin quilt block?

If you’ve never made a quilt block before, try making a block in the traditional size (14″ x 14″) to start with. This will help you grasp the basics of log cabin block construction. Once you have the basics down, it’s easy to start making more blocks in varying sizes.

How many fat quarters do I need for a log cabin quilt?

Use 1 set of Fat Quarters to make a wallhanging, table runner or pillow tops, use 4 sets to make a Log Cabin Star or Twin size. Now you can download the pattern to make at home. Just click here on the Forum to see the tutorial or on the button below to download in PDF.

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  1. Are ther lawyers a MjI would like to be put in the drawing for the scraps that you have left over I couldn’t really tell if you had to buy them or they were just a free giveaway I would love to be entered into the drawing thank you

  2. I’ve downloaded the Twisted Log Cabin block pattern twice. Neither time did the Paper piecing foundation pattern download with it. It states twice that it is included with the pattern. Thank you for your help

  3. I downloaded the pattern for the Twisted Log Cabin quilt. The paper piecing foundation pattern is not included with the pattern like it says it is. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Karen, you have same problem our friend Margo, We did a search to find out why some emails are not receiving our pattern. We found out that some email carriers like yours @sctelco.net.au do not accept some PDF or receiving emails. We will send it to you again, but we ask that if possible you make an email from gmail.com or outlook.com so you can receive the standards without difficulty. Many have done this and never had problems again.


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