Variation Bargello Pattern by chumkieshobbies this is the pattern we are going to make now, however I can’t tell you if this name is respectively correct to put in this article, what I can say is that both for the designer of and for us it is really a variation of the Bargello.

Variation Bargello Pattern

Variation Bargello Pattern caught my attention, so much that I couldn’t resist and said that I needed to show this article to other people like you who love quilt as much as I do.

Variation Bargello Pattern


Variation Bargello Pattern by

The interesting thing is that you can access her blog to see other works of hers. Well, let’s talk a little about the pattern.CLICK NEXT

1. Bargello Variation and Square

This variation of the bargello so to speak, is very beautiful, and to make it the designer used the fabrics that she found beautiful and that of course, match her taste. So the tip I can give you is to use the fabrics you like best.

I am particularly going to make a marriage between the scraps that I have here at home will be a little difficult because I have many scraps and pieces of cloth that are very different from each other, but I will really try to make this pattern.CLICK NEXT

2. Bargello triangle pieces

What I found most interesting about this pattern is the question of how the fabrics were assembled and cut. If you look closely at the pattern you will see that there are pieces cut out as: square and triangle.

The triangle pieces then form basically 2 or more types of shapes, with square triangle shapes with 2 or 4 different fabric ends. Will it take me a lot of work to do this? Of course it will, but I want to do it.

Let’s remember then that for this pattern to be based on bargello you must remember how this pattern is made, so let’s take over now and remember about bargello, so if you want to read on. CLICK NEXT

3. Bargello Pattern Quilt Pattern

Variation Bargello Pattern
Variation Bargello Pattern by

For a lot of quilters-myself included-making a bargello quilt is on the “quilter’s bucket list.” If you’re not familiar with these stunning quilts, they’re the perfect blend of traditional quilting meets modern and look challenging but are deceptively easy.

When you first look at one, you might think “Wow, that’s a lot of piecing – I’m sure it’s a lot of work!” Made of strips that are sewn together in such a way to look like a moving wave, the curves in a bargello quilt certainly do look difficult. However, these patterns are suitable for beginning quilters…let’s explore how:

Following the instructions in your pattern, cut your strips to the proper width. Many bargello quilts will use 2 1/2″ strips but be sure to follow your pattern. Arrange them into the correct order and begin to piece them together.

Pro Tip: It can be helpful to number your strips (the red dots in the image above) and keep a “control strip” (a small strip of fabric-around an inch wide-that lets you know which fabric is which number. This will be super helpful in following steps. CLICK NEXT

4. Download Pattern here

After all of your fabrics have been arranged and sewn together in the correct order, you will sew them into a tube. For some, this step might “seem” a little strange. The reason you sew your fabrics into a tube is so that you can open the seams in different locations. This allows you to easily start creating that curved look in a bargello quilt without having to do a lot more work!

Variation Bargello Pattern PDF

This pattern is Variation Bargello Pattern by

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