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Amish Tulips Bed Quilt pattern free

Amish Tulips Bed Quilt is a very nice pattern that we found, and we would like to bring it to you and talk some details of why you should make this pattern. So let’s pay attention to two important points: This pattern was Designed by Ann Boyce and is on the website free-quilting.com who have very nice patterns.

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Amish Tulips Bed Quilt

Amish Tulips Bed Quilt
Amish Tulips Bed Quilt by Ann Boyce  in free-quilting.com

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Amish Tulips Bed Quilt Combine machine applique with strip piecing to make this pretty tulip-designed Amish quilt. Size: 80 1/2″ x 80 1/2″. Skill Level: Intermediate. In this case you can make the pattern without too much difficulty if you are already half way into the art of sewing.

So, let’s talk about the Amish Tulips Bed Quilt pattern? Remember that from now on it is my opinion and suggestions that can be used to decorate your home.

This Amish Tulips Bed Quilt pattern brings with it 4 colors that make it really different from others that we are used to seeing around. An important detail is that this pattern has an appliqué of a flower with, actually a rose, and that red and green are the highlights of this time.

Now comes the part where I like to give my opinion about the pattern, or in this case give my point of view. When Ann Boyce created this Amish Tulips Bed Quilt I think she must have been thinking about how to make her work stand out. And particularly I thought it could be the most interesting.

Using the colors such as blue and purple could serve as a plant pot, or the planted in the ground, but in my open mind I think and imagine it as if it were in pots. Amish Tulips Bed Quilt is an unquestionable standard!

Tulip Trivia

Did you know that the tulip flower is of Persian origin? It is very common for people to associate this plant with Holland because of the beautiful gardens and fields cultivated in the country. In former times the tulip was considered a jewel and could only be planted in the royal garden.

In decoration, the tulip flower is widely used as a bouquet, vase arrangements, table decorations or even to decorate the most sophisticated environments.

The tulip flower is a species that has several colors and its handling depends on some care for its successful blooming. In this article we have separated some peculiarities of this flower of unique beauty for you to cultivate in your home. Enjoy our tips!

Sensational, isn’t it? Now that you know about the pattern and some curiosities about the Tulip, how about making this beautiful pattern to decorate your home, actually to decorate your room?


Download the pattern or download it directly here if for some reason you can’t get it on the other. We hope you enjoyed this pattern and that you can make it in the colors you like, you don’t have to follow the colors of the pattern, make your own colors if you wish.

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