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Baby Quilt Pattern

Baby Quilt Pattern to Make? Do you like this pattern? I actually liked it very much because of its simplicity and contrary to what many quilters say, simplicity makes the story!

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Baby Quilt Pattern free

Baby Quilt Pattern free
Baby Quilt Pattern free by accuquilt.com

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This particular quilt reminds me of the first time my mother taught me to sew… She used to say that often the best is in the simplest things!

So she on her old Elgin machine patiently began to sew fabric to fabric, part by part, and made a beautiful assemblage. I remember that the pattern of the fabric was of teddy bears and honey pots. How I miss my mother!

I remember that the fabric was blue, very similar to this one, and the stitching was like a high relief under the fabrics already sewn, my mother put the bottom of the blanket in a very dark blue color, with no pattern, just a single color.

On the edges she put a fabric printed with yellow (imitating honey) and light blue that gave a special touch, my mother was a sewing genius. I wish she were here to do her beautiful work and show it to you.

Well, enough of living in the past, let’s live the present for the future to be better, and with this talk more about the Baby Quilt Pattern free which is our highlight right? This pattern is from accuquilt.com.

– 36 -5″ charm squares
– ¾ yard sashing fabric
– 3⁄8 yard fabric for border
– 3⁄8 yard binding fabric
– 13⁄8 yard backing fabric
– Optional fabric for appliqué

Well those are the important steps in making your beautiful quilt pattern. The PDF is complete and very well intuitive and you will have no problem making your quilt to your liking.

Baby Quilt Pattern free
Baby Quilt Pattern free by accuquilt.com

The color blue represents angelic spirituality and symbolizes the element of water, i.e. pure emotion. It is a color that will soothe and calm the baby, remembering that the recommended color for this is to use white decorative objects or wallpaper.

Finally, it is important to make it clear that the colors and patterns for baby rooms can be different from the standard, as long as they match the style and personality that the parents dreamed for this special place. Don’t forget that a good decor is extremely relevant to the quality of life of the baby and the whole family!

Did you know that the color of the baby’s room can influence his sleep, appetite, how much he cries, and even his heartbeat? Many people don’t believe in the power of colors, but fast food chains choose red and yellow for their stores and logos. The reason? They stimulate hunger and anxiety.

Some studies on chromotherapy show that colors can have an effect on a person’s mood. The subject arouses even more interest when we talk about babies and children. For those who don’t know, color therapy has been used over the centuries to promote health, and to treat illnesses of the body and soul by using the vibration pattern of each color for healing.

The theory is that light is energy, and the phenomenon of color is a product of the interaction of this energy with matter, the human eye is sensitive to this electromagnetic radiation (light), and the frequencies emanated by colors are our “medicines”.

Download pattern or if you can not download directly here. Colors behave basically in three ways: they can be active, passive or neutral. Nothing prevents you from combining a range of colors to get better results, or even to not get “stuck” in the concept of the powers of colors and end up not meeting your taste.

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