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Happy Village Quilt Pattern

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Happy Village Quilt Pattern is a very interesting and colorful pattern and also reminds me of shoofly by the style in which it is made. So let’s comment on this pattern, which I love to do.

Happy Village Quilt Pattern

Happy Village Quilt Pattern
Happy Village Quilt Pattern by accuquilt.com

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I really think this pattern is good for those who are in the beginner to intermediate part and having this in mind we can make the pattern using various types of printed fabrics.

The fabric patterns are an important part of making your quilt either for home decoration or for personal use when you are resting, so here comes the question: what is your favorite pattern? What color or colors do you like best?

When I’m making a quilt for my house to be decorated the first thing I like to do is to choose the prints and the type of fabrics. In the case of this Happy Village Quilt Pattern we noticed that the designer chose the fabrics well-matched and for the sake of good taste.

Pay close attention now to the image above or below, you can see that the geometry of this quilt or Happy Village Quilt Pattern leads to 3 geometric designs. Can you identify them yet?

We have a large circumference, then we have triangles and of course the square. Have you noticed how wonderful this pattern is. My 9 year old son asked me to print it out on a large sheet of paper for him to play around with the designs and color them in.

Happy Village Quilt Pattern
Happy Village Quilt Pattern accuquilt.com

Now some technical details about this pattern that has its original design on accuquil.com and with design by Andover Fabrics with the total size of 60 “x60” I am making with size 90 “x90″ for my bed that is actually kind of big.

Celebrate your love of bold colors or neutrals by making your own version of this Happy Village Quilt. Do its crisp shapes remind you of falling snowflakes, spring flowers, or summer pinwheels? No matter what your take on this quilt is, it’s a breeze to make. Just download the pattern and GO! Using your favorite GO! Die Cutter makes cutting the shapes easy. The finished size is 60″ x 60”.

Fat Quarter Friendly Pattern! Fabrics are from the “Chroma” Collection by Alison Glass and are provided by Andover Fabrics.

Learn how to make the GO Qube 8″ Happy Village Quilt Pam from AccuQuilt is here to help us make the Qube 8″ Happy Village Quilt. Here she uses Andover Fabrics to really make this beautiful quilt stand out. See the video Happy Village Quilt Pattern now:

Happy Village Quilt Pattern is a wonderful pattern, and you can watch the video to understand more about how to do it without worry.

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Download pattern or if you find it difficult you can download it here directly. Watch the video to see how to make the pattern step by step if you are a beginner then let’s do it!

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