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Batik Strips and Squares free

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Batik Strips and Squares is the kind of pattern that you will love, in fact as I said in another article Batik is actually a kind of fabric that we can use in the most diverse types of patterns due to its cores and of course the difference is made in the cut that it will make. This pattern is by allpeoplequilt.com

Batik Strips and Squares

Batik Strips and Squares
Batik Strips and Squares

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What are batiks used for? Batik Strips and Squares free are a type of fabric often used in bedding. They are made by a “resist” process in which the designer uses wax to prevent the dye from penetrating some areas of the fabric, leaving those areas undyed. The process can be repeated many times to create complex designs using many colors.

Batik textiles feature ornate geometric patterns created by brushing or pouring hot wax onto undyed fabric. The fabric is then dyed, and the wax is removed with boiling water to reveal the patterns. This process can be repeated several times to create layered patterns with different colors.

The origin of Asian batik is believed to be a way of dyeing the fabric using wax to protect certain parts of the fabric so that those parts do not absorb the dye. The wax is used to create patterns on the fabric and is removed after the dyeing process. This can create a marbled or mottled effect on the fabric.

The History of Batik

Some of the earliest wax-resistant textiles can be traced back more than 1,500 years to Ancient Egypt, Sui and Tang Dynasty China, Nero Period Japan, and the Yoruba people in Nigeria and Senegal, among other cultures. But batik as we know it gained prominence in Indonesia, reaching its peak between the 19th and 20th centuries, when it was commonly used for clothing. During this heyday, traders brought batik textiles around the world, and they gained a global popularity that has continued to the present day.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

Benefits of Batiks

  • – Batiks are beautiful fabrics that work very well in complex quilt designs.
  • – The base fabric is well woven, which makes it a good choice for applique.
  • – Batiks can be included in today’s quilts with other more traditional cotton quilting fabrics.
  • – Batiks printed on Rayon make lovely clothes, since Rayon has a soft drape that works well for clothing.

Supplies and Tools for Batiks

Batiks are available at quilt stores and online retailers. There are even Quilters’ Tours to Indonesia to see the fabric being made and buy fabric directly from the designers. You can then download this pattern now and make it exactly as in the image above or you can change the “Batiks” fabrics.

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