Blueberry pie quilt block pattern is one of those very different ones that I have seen but for sure you can make it in the most varied ways possible I want it to be a larger pattern smaller thief or you can make a single block Large for example a large bed or small pattern for a small bed well that goes according to your need let’s see something about it?

Blueberry pie quilt block pattern

Blueberry pie quilt block pattern
Blueberry pie quilt block pattern

Blueberry pie pie block pattern is actually a fascinating work for the Central design mainly of what we can call a star and if you are observing from a point of view at least try to imagine mine you will be able to observe then that first place this part where it has as if forming the back of an arrow joining the tips is as if it were stars the great objective of this block Have you already imagined what it is?

In fact until I saw this block in the picture above that you can see, see that there is a flower in the center of the block so I thought I will make this pattern to give to each member of my family with the picture of each of them! I saw this idea here at

I had never thought of this way of making a pattern I will put the colors where it is red and black stamped with the colors that they like and in the center those that I see that don’t like the picture on the quilt or comforter or pillow flower color I will put a drawing that they like the most and for my granddaughter and my little nieces I will put some heroines or animals that they like!

Also, if you’ve already made this pattern Blueberry pie quilt or if you want to make this pattern from now on, comment here below how you’re going to do it and in our Facebook group that you can access here on this link you can post a picture of the pattern made so that we can really see the beauty of the pattern that you can imagine, what do you think?

So we hope you have enjoyed this quilt block pattern free and that you can have many ideas based on the tips that we leave here and incidentally you can download Blueberry pie the button below you will like this pattern I found it here on the site We hope you have enjoyed!

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